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YouTube killed video games for me?!

I wrote this a while back after playing a insane amount of Craft the World, Minecraft, etc.

As a child growing up in the 80's, i'm proud to say i started life with video games right as the technology started advancing hand over foot. My parents worked hard and saved up to buy my brother and I a NES and Super Mario. As I grew older, we graduated to Super Nintendo, N64, Playstation, XBOX, etc.

I enjoy playing a multitude of games as a youth, and find myself in the same situation as a grown adult. I will never be a professional athlete, race car driver, or professional bank robber, but video games allow me to be a part of an alternate life that i regularly would never be able to be a part of. I remember the first real RPG I played: Final Fantasy 7 (The first one i put more than 100 hours in). I remember playing Twisted Metal 2 and accidentally shooting a rocket at the Statue of Liberty which somehow lit a code up on the ground that allowed me to access a secret ride. I also remember playing Tekken 2 and having to beat the game with ALL the fighters in order to unlock everybody so when my friends came over, we had all the fighters.

And now I fast forward to today. When I play games these days and hit a "speed bump" or do not feel like grinding out the work in a game, i find myself jumping onto YouTube way too fast to look up how to beat a certain part of a game. As a teenager, i remember countless hours spent leveling my fighters on Final Fantasy only to find out I was in the complete wrong area to develop my story line.

I'm a child of technology, and embrace the wonderful things we've built in the past 30 years. I find myself buying $5 games on Steam that are little puzzle games and getting upset later on because i beat the game so fast. What I don't realize is I looked up half the puzzles on YouTube.

As a gamer (i did not say a good one), i find myself cherishing certain games and i have certain games that I refuse to cheat or get assistance on. The two games that are my "RYAN! THINK YOU MORON! THE INTERNET DOES NOT EXIST!" games are:

1. Fallout Series.

2. Elder Scrolls Series.

3. Racing Games (for cheats on unlocking later cars).

4. Grand Theft Autos/Saints Rows/etc.

I don't know if YouTube has helped or hurt my experience with certain games, but I know lately i've been using it more than I should. I don't know. Is recognizing you have a problem really the first step to correcting it?!

Haha, my first blog with GB. I hope for many more! Thanks for reading!