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Super pinball

Just picked up the new dlc for pinball fx 2 and I'm just wondering what everyones favorite table is, I think I enjoy the iron-man one the most even though Blade currently has a higher score.  I'm just wondering what everyone else thinks. What is your favorite new table?


Curses you dlc curses

Dang you x box for having way too many dlc to pick up, comic jumper which is hilarious if not a bit repetative, super meat boy for massive saw blades of death, and undead nightmare for  red dead redemption and the lair of the shadow broker for mass effect 2 a game I thought I was finally done with. 



I picked up Halo: ODST on sale for 20 bucks at Futureshop  (in Canada) today. If you haven't bought it yet, 20 seems to be a good and fair price for it, well unless you buy a friends used copy, but considering a lot of places are still trying to justify a 50 or 60 price tag, 20 sounds just right. 


Dead Snow

Just watched Dead Snow. On a side-note; it looks like most of my blogs have movies as their reason to exist; I had been hoping to talk more about my wedding.  It is pretty much what it advertises its a zombie movie with Nazis, in Norway. If you like either of those three concepts then watch this movie. The guy who brought it over said he found it at Wal-mart which is weird because it is a very violent movie.  Its a good watch it with a group of friends and has some cool kills. Just what you look for in zombie movies. 



Having just come back from Kick-Ass, and is a very good movie. Not on the like Schindler's List or Sophie's choice scale of the term. But on the great Schwarzenegger 80's action movies. It has violence true, and some really hideous violence. there is no getting around that. But the characters are great, and funny, and more than that they are true.  You actually believe that Dave would become kick-ass and in fact I'm thinking that maybe some other people would in his situation. Also his friends remind me a little too much about some friends I had in high school.  
The sound track was great, the fight scenes were  some of the best I've seen in ages.  Nick Cage gave his best performance  in ages.  This is a movie you should see if you like action movies. 


Planning for my wedding

Well a lot of the groundwork is done, we have a place, we have a dress and a tux, we have invites gone out. There are three big things left on the list. 1) the Rings 2) the Officiant and 3) The Honeymoon. These are just the major things there are countless little minor ones.