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Some of My Favorite Games

These are games that I consider to be among the best that I have ever played. 
(Not in order)

List items

  • Creepy environments, Lovecraftian horror, and a sense of losing your mind make this game memorable for me.

  • The style in this game was amazing. The environments were gorgeous, and it had a distinct japanese flavor that really suited the game.

  • This was the first RPG I played that had an overt open-ended design. After initially bumbling around for a bit, the scope of the game finally hit me and I became lost in its world for months.

  • A gorgeous amazing game. Building on Japanese mythology, this game created a world full of lush environments and endearing characters.

  • Irresistible style, funky characters, and downright fun gameplay keep this game in my top echelon of favorites.

  • No game has immersed me in its world more completely than Shenmue. The intricately detailed environments, amazing musical score, and ability to speak with nearly everyone make this game hold a special place in my memories.

  • One of the first entries in the Dragon Quest series I played, this remains my favorite. The characters are finely detailed and fleshed out, as is the large world. What stands out the most to me though is the whimsical style and humor that pervades the game.

  • The story in this game is simply one of the most powerful and thought-provoking I have ever witnessed in a video game.

  • As a young child I loved this game, and when I play it today it still holds up.