7 Good satire/comedy filled games/series.

So I recently saw the movie Rubber after finding an off chance reference to it on Screened. As bad as that movie was, it was really good and honestly one of the best openings I've seen in a movie since the Quentin Tarantino movies of old. This made me wonder what video games in my past made me feel this way, even to the slightest degree. Here is a small list of games/series to try out.

List items

  • This is one of my favorite JRPG series of all time. In terms of this list, the 2nd and 3rd games of this series are absolute gold. These games takes themselves seriously only during major plot points, especially after the first game in the series. The comedy comes from the odd bunch of characters that make up your party, their interaction with each other, and their extremely odd sub-quests to get their abilities.

    For an example, Each game has one member of the Valentine family. This is a family of vampires, crazy vampires. One believes he is a wrestler and the other that dresses like a princess and her form changes wildly depending on the hosts she sucks blood.

    Prepare for talking wolf bouts, filming fight scenes to movie spoofs, reenacting Desperado, actually laughing when your characters are berserk, and many more things in the midst of a lovable plot through and through.

  • I'm only putting the first game here because it is the only one I've completed. This game had a lot of odd moments that I loved dearly. Hitting fools with baseball bats, a nerd shooting bottle rockets in your face ftw, Mom calling to check in on you, an lots and lots of praying.

  • Speaking of Tarantino... This game was awesome. I'm personally a fan of Grindhouse movies and this game directly called to me. This genre is one that people tire of quickly and is more oriented for arcades, but as long as you haven't played others like it in a while, you should give it a go.

  • The series has a basic plot that Wario believes that releasing a set of mini-games will lead him to loads of money.... This is correct. The games are odd and varied and something to be enjoyed especially in a party setting (get the gamecube release definately)

  • The cake is a lie.

    Understanding this is the key to loving your antagonist through this episode. Glad0s is a @#$^@, but a quite enduring one.

  • The first expansion pack of this game is called Magicka: Vietnam... Need I say more?

    You play as a mage that uses magic to go through the world for... some purpose (I haven't finished it, DON'T JUDGE ME!). There is a lot of odd european humor to boot as you play this game. I wonder for long periods of time if the speech is a real language or it is a spoof of that show from the Muppets. Regardless of the actual answer, it works well for the game.

  • When i heard this was coming back, I honestly squealed like a little girl. This series is basically a set of trivia games, but the method of how questions are presented is quite obscure and should make you say WTF occasionally throughout play time.

    "If Lady Gaga were naked and on a horse, what horse would she be impersonating?"

    The latest game of the series grants you the ability to screw your opponents by forcing them to answer a question and also every episode has a sponsored bad answer of the game that is worth a lot more fake cash.

    There is plenty of content and 60 episodes (ten questions per episode). They are also regularly pumping out dlc at the moment for $5 that contains about 10 episodes each.