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Pick 5... Games That Make You Look Cool

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Back on June 10, 2006 was when Gamespot had their first, of very few, installments of a feature called Pick 5.  That same day is when I put up my response to that very same entry in the feature.  Now it is 31 months later and I am going to present to you a revisit to that very first Pick 5 with an updated list.  Enjoy!

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1. Cosmic Race (PS1)

Back in 1996, Ultra Game Players magazine had a game rating scale with the rating of 0.0 described as "cosmic race."  One of the issues that year featured a review of a Japanese Playstation game named Cosmic Race in order to explain why the rating 0.0 is known as cosmic race.  More than a decade passed and now I have a copy of this game and I can completely agree.  Worst Playstation game ever!

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2. Radiant Silvergun (SAT)

As Greg Kasavin said in his Pick 5, "money buys coolness," so it stands to reason that my most valuable game is very, very cool.  Besides it being pricy, it is also an excellent shmup to boot!  In fact, one of the best shmups ever!

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3. Game Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou (DS)

If you are into NES games, then you are certainly cool and what is cooler than a game that is made up of essentially new NES games?  Not much!  (coming out as Retro Game Challenge in North America this month)

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4. Blast Chamber (PS1)

The back of the box proclaims: "It's 2096 and having a bomb strapped to you is a sport."  Looks like some people in contemporary times got a headstart.  I guess they'd think this is cool.

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5. Pocket MuuMuu (PS1)

The PocketStation was cool and you'd know that if you ever had one, cool guy.  This is a title that simply gave you a ton more to do with it, like more games and little apps.  Now that's cool!