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Things I Hate About The Current Generation Right Now

NOTE:  I'm on Twitter, so if you feel like following me, please feel free to do so!

Hey everyone!  We all have things we dislike about the current goings-on the gaming industry and here is my current list of things I loathe:

1. Xbox 360's failure to be a dependable piece of hardware

  • I'd still have one otherwise.

2. Friend codes
  • Talk about inconvenience at its worst!

3. PlayStation 3's high price
  • It is easily the reason why the system isn't doing better.

4. Anti-PS3 morons
  • The PS3 is a good system with plenty of good games.  The whole "no good games" argument has been bullshit for a long time now.

5. Lack of PSP support
  • The PSP has turned into a compilation system.  I like compilations and all, but when my PSP collection consists of 19 compilations/remakes/re-releases out of a total of 37 (51%), something needs to be done!  Start making more original games for the system damn it!

6. Guitar Hero sucking all of what was fun out of the "plastic instrument" sub-genre
  • I love the rhythm/music genre, but Activision is making damn sure we get completely sick of seeing stores filled with fake, plastic instruments.  Enough is enough already!  We don't need another fucking music game/instrument bundle!

7. Sony's tepid promotion of their big games
  • What's wrong Sony?  Afraid your games will sell too well?  Killzone 2 will be amazing based on my impressions from the multiplayer beta for 10-15 hours and yet, no real promotional push that the game deserves!

8. Waggle doesn't make the gaming world work
  • Nintendo, if it wasn't for your insistance to shove an imprecise, gimmicky control scheme down everyone's throats, I might have bought a Wii by now.  Sure, it works well with some games, but most don't benefit from it.  Yes, I can get a normal controller and use it for a lot of games, but that option costs extra!  No matter how hard you try, waggle will not become a standard because it simply isn't precise enough for most games.