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The Most Overrated Games

This list all about my opinion

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  • Except 1st , 2nd Brotherhood (didn't play Oddysey, Vallhala and Syndicate, so exclude'em)

    All other games are just overrated. Yeah some of those games are really good but not that good or fun. ITs shallow.

  • Terrible game. Inconsistent protagonist, very vague plot. Best physics of the franchise and maybe the best combat but the worst city map, wost interactions, worst side quests.

  • It has tons of problems and very bad opening act.

  • Its decent its too short and doenst much add on the 1st game actually. So whats all those hypes comes from

  • frustration, meaningless details, poorly oriantated mechanics and overrated cliche story. And make character so shiny and little make things worse in the gameplay.

    Just look up to the Hollow Knight if you wanna see right color and gameplay adjustments.

  • It has 79 Metacritic and 75 gamespot scores. What it actually deserves ?


  • I don't play much just try a couple of times. As a Smite player I never find the charm of this one. Also most of the fandom is very toxic.

  • Artwise its great, the story behind is also touching. But the gameplay is so inconsistent and there aint any relation between puzzle challenges. It's unnecessarily grindy and boring.

  • For its time, the art design and atmosphere, and levels are very cool and interesting. I love Art-Deco style and architecture but the plot, the game play, item management, and economy all fo'em terribly bad.

  • Worst of game of the one of the greatest franchises