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Dance Central 2 footage of the Giant Bomb crew from E3

I hope for a user video feature due to me having some great footage of the Giant Bomb Crew dancing at the Dance Central 2 booth at E3.

Can't understand why Drew did not film it from the angle I was filming it from, guess he wanted people like me to get to see the spectacle.

Hope the feature will come, I will then get it on the site.


E3 Giant Bomb crew safari

Saw Ryan, Vinnie and Drew sitting outside yesterday. Saw Jeff today at the Dance Central 2 booth, not dancing. Alex was getting a seat after us at a food court, he frooze as he saw me wearing a Whiskey Media t-shirt, terrified. Saw Brad by the Batman booth, he also seemed afraid as I walked by. I'm not wearing that t-shirt tomorrow. Tomorrow it's Just Cause 2 and Renegade Ops themed clothing not to frighten Whiskey Media personel.


Quick looks are great for developers...

I love watching Quick Looks here at Giant Bomb.  
They really get me thinking about some stuff I do at my job as a level designer,  
great seeing other peoples (and ones own) games beeing played by game reviewers.


Late meeting at the office...

... and then home to get stuck questing on Giant Bomb.  
Got that damn space quest done my going through about 800 game pages.  
Space games have cool boxart. The best space game I have played is Freelancer, loved that one when you could visit those stations and walk around. 
Have to get some sleep soon.


First Person Shooters

Talked to a guy at work today about what types of games we wanted to work on. I said that a FPS should be fun but he said he didn´t like them. On futher discussions it came out that it was because he is an artist and does not want the camera too close to textures, and if you look at it like that FPS:s suck.