Best Final Fantasy's

Only included the ones I own or played fully.

List items

  • Great music, great battle system (to me), Triple Triad (best mini game in FF?). Decent story, forced love plots are very tired in my opinion.

  • The reason why it's at #2, depth. Just play it to understand. Kefka, I honestly don't see why some people consider him the best villain in the FF series. Sure Sephiroth was more of a bad-ass but this guy just came off as annoying.

  • Deep story, I honestly still don't get a few of the little aspects of it, you really have to pay attention. Familiar battle system with a great Magic/Materia set up. I'm a sucker for the leveling up grind. Only negative is the disappointing music quality. Midi on a CD? Well it was the first on the format so I'll let it slide a little since it is truly excellent.

  • More of a return to the older style, kind of hurts it a little bit but everything else is excellent. The Abilities or "perks" system is a nice added touch, I've probably wasted hours just beefing up my characters. Card mini-game is a nice touch but nowhere near as good or refined as Triple Triad.

  • This has all the makings for a great title; soundtrack, blitz ball, battle and leveling system even the graphics which I really don't care about...then came the story and the lead character. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha, enough said.

  • Played this years later when it was re-released on the PSX with II, just couldn't get into either the way I could with IV and on.

  • Gets a lot of hate, but it's a good game. Save the story and dialogue, which are both terrible and the music isn't that good either honestly. Think a lot of people would put this as the worst in the franchise. I'll be honest I still haven't beaten this game, I get the the second to last boss (I think) and just can't seem to beat it.