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The best shoot 'em up ever. Play this game! 0


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Nintendo's best FPS 0

This game should have been perfect. This should have been the next "GoldenEye" or the next "Ocarina of Time". It easily could have been, but some minor things keep it from becoming the masterpiece of our time. What are those things? I'll get to them later.The game starts you off in the base of the good guys. You go through a bunch of rooms to the commander, where he'll tell you your mission. Then the aliens attack, and you need to get out of the space base. This has been done before in games lik...

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Best party game ever. 0

You may not agree with the above statement, but Brawl is honestly the best game I've ever played. It is jam-packed with so much content, it could cost $100 and still be worth it. It keeps the perfect gameplay of Melee, and makes it better. How do you make perfection better? In this review I'll show you how Nintendo did the impossible.There are so many features that it'll make your head spin. Everything from multiplayer fights to co-op side scrolling to level making to demos of Nintendo's classic...

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Finally a MoH that stays the series roots. 0

Finally, a true sequel. It doesn't copy from CoD and has perfect control. The levels are fun to navigate and even though they are long, and there are some difficult parts, it is a very fun singleplayer. The controller needs some getting used to, but is good when you do. The music is classic MoH, but the graphics are so-so. They do a well job of conveying the bleak and war torn locals well, and even though the story is almost non-existent, it is still good. You need to go from the beach into the ...

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The most perfect game ever made. 0

I can't stress how amazing this game is. Not only is it the best horror game ever made, but may be the best third person shooter ever made. First of all, the gameplay. It is atmospheric, and scary. You need to get from point A to point B, while blasting through a large variety of monsters and enemies. The enemies are extremely fun to fight because where you shoot affects how the enemy acts. Shoot them in the knee, they fall down. Shoot them in the hand, and they drop their weapon. Shoot them in ...

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Best in series 0

This reivew is sorely on the single-player compaign becuase I don't have Xbox Live. I've heard that the online is superior to the single player, so that factors into my review by raising my origanal single player score of 7.5 to an 8. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a direct sequal to R6V 1, and you'll see that the gameplay is bascally the same. There is more customization, which is awesome, and the added sprint-feature gives the game a faster pace. You assume the role of a squad leader in an anti-terrio...

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A great Star Wars game that could have been much better. 0

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords is a game that sounds great on paper, and could be interpreted into a very great game, if done right, and done expertly. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The game is plagued with segments full of boring fetch quests, meh environments, and horrible glitches. When these are not happening, the game is superb. And as you can tell from my score, the positive moments outnumber the negative moments, but not to the point where the game could b...

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The best Gamecube game! 0

This is a game where you can play for hundreds of hours. The gameplay is super smooth, the graphics are perfect, the music is perfect, and the levels and stages show endless fun. Hyrule castle is my favotite. This is one of the greatest games i've ever seen. It is truly fantastic. All the characters are fun to master, and anyone looking for a great game should buy this. The 4-player mayhem may look too over the top, but there is alot of thinking involved. My favorite characters are Link, Captain...

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The most magical and amazing game ever. 0

This game is like to other. It is very amazing and well made. It really suck you into the epic plot, and brings you to many different worlds of many kinds. Who you will meet there are imaginative creatures big and small, and you will fight massive monsters as you fufill your quest. The world is open, and there are many things you can do. The gameplay is spot-on. The graphics push the game forword and make it really good, and the music is perfect. This is one of the most well made games ever, and...

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A basic fighting game with no huge surprises. 0

This game is pretty cool. You select from over 15 characters and fight throught arcade most, survival mode, or the singleplayer mode. The singleplayer mode is pretty cool. There is an adventurous story, in which you journey around the kingdom and meet new friends and enemies. You can buy new weapons with gold you get, and you level up. It has light RPG elements. The story is alright, and a nice surprise for a fighting game. The gameplay has all the kinds of movies you want and expect from a figh...

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Worst Game Ever Made 0

This is downright crud. I don't even know why it was made. It is very, very buggy. It is easy to drive through anything, and get stuck out of the actual game walls. The map and interface is blah, and getting lost is too easy. I don't know how anyone can find the multiplayer fun. I wanted to stop in the middle of the first match I ever played because it was very boring. The graphics are not great, but at least you can choose from 3 different, horrible, songs to be played while you wander around b...

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