Giant Bomb's Top 10 list thoughts

So, first I must say that I'm huge Vinny fanboy, I usually tend to agree with him but that's because I also usually tend to like the same stuff, I loved The Witcher 1 and read three of the novels while I was doing that playthrough, I love the Warhammer 40k universe and I spent an obscene amount of time playing DoW and getting into the lore (didn't read any novel though), I bought a guitar and rocksmith, I'm addicted to sidequests and reading wikis and I also tend to pick some random semi-old game because I want to play that particular game instead of the new fresh thing that came out.

So yep, I have a lot of reasons to feel represented as a gamer by Vinny but I also know him enough and he won't fight for his games in a debate, like Brad did with Skyrim. The thing is, Vinny is the only crew member that actually played Rocksmith and The Witcher 2, are those game GOTY material?, maybe not, but Rocksmith didn't even make it into the list.

Some would argue, hey Rocksmith is not even a game, what I know is that I put a disc on my PS3, I play it, there is score, I can fail or win at certain modes or minigames, it is a fantastic learning tool but it is also a game. A game or not, Rocksmith revolutionized music games and I'm not talking of sales figures that I know are indeed pretty good, it seems will have some long legs, I'm talking about the gameplay and the technology this thing introduced to the music games genre. It works so well that you can't even believe it is actually working, there is no freaking lag if you hook up the things the way you are adviced and if you spend 80 bucks on a game and even buy a guitar, you can't complain about plugging a few extra cables out of your console but hey the funny fact is that I have it hooked with an optic cable to an Astro Mixmap, digital audio folks, I don't have lag and I'm not experiencing lag at all, so stop the lag argument.

My point is, Vinny should have fought for Rocksmith, Rocksmith should have been in the list, between the top 5, it revolutionized a genre for god sake!, you could even think that Ubisoft developed this game just because they wanted, because they are crazy french/french canadian people that went nuts, you know, they brought us dumb amazing stuff like a sci-fi franchise where you play as dude but you are really not that dude and they made a game that they actually knew wasn't going to sell, Rayman Origins, they are a bit crazy and we love it.

The other thing is, The Witcher 2, you could argue that Skyrim is a multiplatform game and forgive some bugs but releasing an UNPLAYABLE version that ANYONE is having the same problem with it, shows you how evil and messed up a developer/publisher can be, do you think that Bethesda didn't know that after 40 hours the game starts imploding, yes!, they knew! and they released it anyway only because they wanted it out for the holidays, what about someone that is not aware that particular version of the game is busted, someone who doesn't read video game news, a friend tells him 'you have yo play this game, Skyrim, it's awesome', he goes to the retailer, picks up the ps3 version because maybe, that's the only console he has or maybe, he just wanted to play it on a PS3!!!, I can't even imagine how someone so hyped and happy with his game after 40 hours could react to the fact the game is broken, I know that for the average hardcore gamer, 40 hours is nothing, but that's an insane amount of hours to spend on a video game!, a video game!, 40 hours thrown to the garbage, just because Bethesda is evil.

I haven't played The Witcher 2 yet, buy I have seen and read enough of it to know that it is the rpg of the year, the amazing graphics, the combat which I know can be frustrating if you don't know what you are doing but is also fantastic once you get it, the insane plot branching system, it is even painful to think about the amount of work the writers and programmers had to deliver to make it work, the lore!!!, The Witcher universe is so fucking twisted, dark and messed up, the main character for god sake!, Geralt of Rivia could kick Chuck Norris ass anytime and he bangs every hot chick in his path. So how in this world Skyrim is a better game than TW2?, TW2 is by far a better game, it shows you how old our consoles are at this moment, it shows us the tip of the iceberg, how games could start being if new consoles are launched.

Brad, if you say Jeff is crazy because he thinks Saints Row: The Third is a better game than Skyrim, I think that YOU are crazy, because you have a gaming pc capable of running TW2 but yet you are playing Skyrim on a 360, THAT, is crazyness, first, go and pick up/download The Witcher 2, play it till your eyes start bleeding and then come back to Skyrim to kill some backward dragons and talk to disabled guards that were shot in the knee.

To end this bashing nonsense, SR: The Third should have been the GOTY!!!!, Ryan you traitor!, 3 out of 5 people in that room wanted that game to be number 1, but then suddenly he freaks out and chooses Skyrim, come on!.

By the way, happy new year XD!


Doomsday pack impulsive buy

I bought the Resistance 3 Doomsday Pack!, I'm so fucking exited after such a long time watching stupid footage of the PS Move and Kevin Butler riding a horse, I'm now charging the navigation and the Move, they seem to work fine and the PSEye too, the only problem I found was that it has a very short cord and I had to rearrange some stuff to place it properly. I will try the Sharp Shooter with Resistance 3 today after I get some sleep.

I was right about to start Bioshock 2 when I saw a very good deal and asked my mom if I could get it with her credit card (yep, I'm a poor college student). The other big thing is that the health insurance finally paid us after my grandfather passed away a month ago and I'll be using part of the money to get the Classic Vibe '50s Stratocaster next week. I'm so hyped!!, I can't wait to invest some crazy amount of time till I can play this solo as Gilmour intended


Sticking to the plan 4 - Back into the fray

The blackout recap

So I'm out of gaming limbo after a couple of months without touching a gamepad and getting as far as possible from all gaming related stuff.

I blazed through Bioshock during the last few days and finished a retail game since Red Faction Guerrilla on July 5. I also finished Dead Nation on September 10 which was like a couple of hours investment of a Saturday I literally had nothing to do and had the choice to game a bit or take a nap so I said fuck it let's shoot some zombies as god intended. There is gap of a week I played ME2 PS3 edition (I already have a clean No one Left behind save on 360) with a fresh female renegade Shepard and quit right before using the Omega 4 relay, playthrough I intend to go back before ME3.

Why did I quit my gaming habits and stopped blogging  

The emo stage  

First of all, somehow I ran out of fuel to be alone and give a shit about human relationships, I started investing time trying to hook up with a girl after several years of not having an actual girlfriend or almost any kind of sex life. The end result was that I ended up remembering why I got pissed about the matter: women younger than 25 are too fucking unstable or at least the way I deal with stuff is not appealing enough to them.

The thing is that I tend to be really serious about my career, more than the average girl but at the same time I have a lot of childish attitudes that may be a bit eccentric and weird so if I'm dating a serious girl, she thinks 'this guy sends too much time and money playing video games, has some controversial way of thinking and dresses kinda weird, fuck him' but at the same time, an irresponsible one thinks 'this guy doesn't party enough, his life is boring as hell, he's always studying '. So why do I have little to no problems with older women: they don't care about stupid stuff and just try to focus on the what matters, they look for a good guy with a promising future or a wealthy present to fool around and discover if they like spending time with, they don't stop to think about unimportant things. You may be thinking 'so hook up with someone older', I've been there and I know what is seeing the relationship go bananas and start receiving complaints about how much she would love to have a child, get married or move together but that's off the wall material at this moment of my life

The late guitar playing dream  

The second reason is that lately I felt the need to go, pick and axe and start learning to play, after several years of having zero spare time to do it. I did some research to help me choose a fine guitar, I decided to get a Squier Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster, which is like 300 bucks on the US but at my stupid country with taxes and the retailer cut it is like 650, it's a very good bang for your buck if you're looking for a guitar to start playing, you get a really high quality product without going bananas and spending thousands of dollars on a Fender with similar features. I still don't know if I want the Lake Placid Blue which is the available color I like most, but the Olympic White one resembles a lot Gilmour's #001 '54 Strat and I fucking love David.

I was saving money, so I stopped investing on gaming for a while. On September 30 my grandfather sadly passed away and I was going to get what I needed to finally go and get the axe out of the medical insurance, which gives the family some money to cover part of the cost of the funeral. After more than a month, we haven't still seen a dime out of that due to bureaucracy and speculation of the company that we'll get tired of the stupid requirements they come up, but I think next week I'll finally be getting paid.

The game designer wannabe  

The third and last reason is that I started attending a game design course with a couple of gamer friends, the guy who gives the classes is already working as a designer here in Argentina and has already some released games for mobile platforms and he's also kinda of a gaming journalist, he co-founded the most popular gaming magazine of the country and he went to a lot of gaming press events off shore. So, the course + regular college and reading about/fooling around with game design is keeping me busy most of the time

The schedule  

Well, now that I'm back into gaming, I bought Bioshock 2 and Castlevania: Lord of Shadows yesterday and I will be going through Bioshock 2 and Minerva's Den first, then I will take a break of the backlog thing and get the most important release of 2011: Uncharted 3, which is just too good of a game to wait for it to get a price cut. After that I intend to clear two franchises (at least the releases up this moment), playing Castlevania, Reverie and Resurrection and Dead Space Extraction, 1, 2 and Severed. Nevertheless, the fixed schedule thing doesn't mean I won't be buying some more games and adding them to my infamous stack whenever I find some good deal, I already have Yakuza 3 and other fine releases on there that I don't feel in the mood of playing right now.

I'll be blogging about the state of the industry and my thoughts about it, the 3DS nubageddon... why Nintendo?? why??. Peace out! 

Edit: Parchment v2 is fucking annoying, wtf, sorry if the N edits make the post appear N times on your updates

Sticking to the plan 3 - The Deviation

I got ME2 (PS3) today, I want come back but this time with a custom lady Shepard.. and besides: genesis + all DLC + trophies. My  standard male Shepard paragon clean 360 save (No one left behind) is waiting for ME3 to be released and complete the trilogy in some physical form. The other thing is that I've already played ME1 on PC and 360, so the lack of the first game on the PS3 is not a big deal.

The good news  is that the nightmare of looking for a fine normal zone 1 copy of Dead Space 1 for the PS3 is over, Dead Space 2 has been sitting on my shelf since launch week, by that time I thought that such a popular and old game was going to be easy to find but everyone ended up offering me Greatest Hits (red box) editions, something that I hate with all my soul and heart. Now the challenge is finding the spare time to go through Extraction, DS1 and DS2 (+Severed) during a short period of time.

I also bought Bioshock 1(PS3) as the first move towards the crazy Bioshock 1, 2+Minerva's Den playthrough, an analog stupid idea to the Dead Space one and almost every gaming idea lately!. And you know what, I started looking for Red Faction Guerrilla to do the same with Armageddon. It's the Vinny syndrome of always getting ready but never actually catching up.

So, the plan is still running, Valkyria Chronicles and Folklore are coming soon,  ME2 diverted resources but that I hope won't have major consequences.

Edit: If you want to recommend me lady Shepard codes you are welcome!!


Tired of the PSN topic

All the gaming sites are playing the lazy card of updating every 10 seconds about the matter, we already know what happened, we are aware that we can't play online, we have already changed our multiple passwords, the ones that had a card binded have already called the bank, we all have received the PSN warning email, can we stop with this bashing nonsense till some useful information comes from Sony? 

Several developers claim that the PS3 is a more open platform for things such as MMORPGS and additional services over PSN, look at Valve with Steamworks and Portal 2 PS3-PC cross platform features, don't destroy what we have achieved!, Sony is taking a lot of good steps towards the right direction (obviously as a marketing decision to regain the throne) while MS have prevented some MMORPGs and other services to be implemented on the 360, just because they don't want to lose an inch of ground. If we all go and say ' Fuck PSN, I won't use it again' Microsoft will take advantage and do whatever they want, they have already went from a paid service to increasing the fees instead of going towards a 'free' direction.

PSN being hacked is obviously bad, really bad, it should have never happened, but that doesn't mean that they didn't invest enough in security, you can be pretty sure that a big chunk of the income from the service ends up in security improvements and maintenance costs, hiring companies to do ethical hacking to test the systems and expert security audits, what happened is really a bad message to potential customers and will cost Sony several times more than what some people may think they 'saved' without investing (but they did invest)

So, don't stop buying things on PSN in the future, maybe you can get some prepaid cards for some time so you can be sure that more improvements are already implemented on the system for you to bind a credit card again, no system is perfect, you can go bananas an run millions of tests, simulations and have the best people under your roof but that only makes the possibility of being hacked tend to 0, but you can't reach 0, never.

Sticking to the plan 2, Giantbomb dependency

It's the first time since the site launch that a massive failure took down the service and you know what, it's the also the first that I realize how dependent I am of this site. Reading the usual blog posts of my followed users and clicking on random hilarious topics on the forums, tension relieving moments after hours studying or yelling to my mentally exhausting family. So in conclusion, I love you guys, keep posting interesting/hilarious/amusing stuff so I can have better days.

The other thing is that I've entered the obsessive-compulsive phase of 'the list' clearing and I will be spending some serious money this week to complete my goal as soon as possible. I'll be getting pre-owned copies of Bioshock 1, Dead Space 1 and Folklore and I'll be ordering Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition, RE5 Gold Edition and Heavy Rain that will be arriving in two weeks, that will reduce the list to 5. I will also think if I want to play Red Faction Guerrilla but first I want to read/watch some reviews about Armageddon.
I'm very committed to this backlog clearing thing, 2006-2010 till Uncharted 3 and ME3 that will obviously blow my socks off (unless I get awesome deals and get everything quick), I'll have to be strong when inFamous 2 comes out because I loved how the first game ended and the sequel is looking sick.

See you guys (if Amazon Virginia datacenter doesn't go bananas again)

Sticking to the plan

Back in February (scroll down) I made a blog post about my 2011 gaming goals. 2010 was in terms of numbers the best gamer year of my life, I bought a 360 (phat jasper Elite) and a PS3 to fully jump into the gaming wagon after several years sitting behind, watching how everyone had a good time while I was burning my brain with college studying Software Engineering (which I'm still doing but the difficult part is over). The 360 exclusive library was short compared to the mammoth amount of PS3 games I had to buy to 'catch up', my initial list consisted of 24 games which I managed to slim down to 9 getting a lot of good deals, old games that were on sale or fine pre-owned stuff. 

The problem arose when the list only consisted of games that I was not so pumped, situation that led me to succumb and spend money on day one games that if I had been patient the task of catching up with the 2006-2010 stuff would be done by now. To make matters worse a lot of AAA stuff was released (or will be released soon), so I was doubtful all the time, what did I have to do, keep buying subpar titles to clear out the list or buy new games (obviously at a slower rate than the old ones). Finally, the Wii price cut, I don't own a Wii, should I buy it and play once and for all SMG 1 and 2 like god intended or stick to the plan?. Doubts clouded my mind!.

But you know what, I decided to succumb to my new overlord the list, is the only way to get out of gaming limbo, the state when you don't know what to do with the discrete resources you have, if you check out the list of beaten games of 2011 I haven't been playing anything at all, nothing, long nights wondering what should I do next, go to sleep, study a bit more, read?.

So my advice is: don't make long term plans about gaming, gaming should be about fun and not about work (unless you are a gaming journalist o a developer)

The frame rate drop stage of current gen gaming

After watching the L.A. Noire and Dragon's Dogma trailers I think that we are entering the infamous stage in which every developer wants his game to look better and shine among the others even if it hurts the gameplay and make tit virtually unplayable.

Why can't we accept that the hardware is just too old for the graphics you are trying yo achieve?, don't you think it is a better experience to have less polygons and effects rather than getting killed only because the game struggled, the aiming fucked up and what could have been a successful skirmish between you and a couple of online players ended up being a rage quit that ruined and entire night?. Why did we accept that less than 30fps from time to time was a good trade off between eye candy and smoothness, weren't we all happy kids back then playing SMB3 and having fun with a few pixels moving and making sense?, but at least it felt good, WE jumped into a goomba a la Brad

So, accept the limitations of the current hardware or start knocking on the console manufacturers doors so they start thinking about the next gen soon. Stop the 'hey look this crazy multiplatform game, it looks sick!! we now know how to program for multiple platforms! we are mature enough yaaay' and then you look at the trailers and figure out that they couldn't even find some decent gameplay scenes that don't struggle to make a minute and a half advertising thingy. Good by LA Noire you hyped for like 10 seconds with your face animation technology and then you kill my hype with the actual game.

Edit: Watch the Gears of War 3 'polish' behind the scenes video (it is posted on GB) and tell me if I'm wrong, can the 360 output that sick graphics all the time? mmmm

Signs I'm getting old

  • Less and less of my hardcore gamer friends are still gaming hard
  • I can't beat games in one sitting anymore
  • 99% of the music I have in my Ipod is at least 15 years old and everything new sounds like shit to my ears
  • I'm tired all the time and I go to sleep early and get up early too just to take breakfast and ask why the fuck didn't I continue sleeping
  • Multiplayer gaming is a pain, every minute feels like a waste of time and I keep asking to me what am I doing with my life
  • I'm more excited about buying and reading about games than actually playing them
  • Nothing would make more happy  than buying a Japanese high quality rice cooker and a espresso machine / coffee maker
  • I use an old cell phone (and just use it to send text messages) and I'll only change it if the battery dies
  • I pre-ordered Final Fantasy IV Complete Edition (PSP)
  • I hated Capcom for MvC3 not being a sprite based game
  • Bayonetta is between my top 5 games of this gen
  • I think Lost Odyssey is the best 360 exclusive game
  • I'm not excited about the 3DS, 3D??, just a DS 2 to me that I'll get only to play the Snake Eater remake.
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