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User review which I have written for Undernauts - #review #gamereview

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My 2019 GOTY

So, since again is that time of the year, here is my list of my favorite games from 2019. As in previous lists, this might include games which I played in 2019, but not exactly be released in that year.

Later I plan to write a blog post about some of these games.

List items

  • Easily, this simple might be one of the best Total War games, between performance, gameplay and visual.

  • While I enjoyed God Eater 2, there was some rough edges and issues, which none of them exist on God Eater 3, which improves about everything over the previous games. Combat feels much more fluid and fun, enemies feel less like a sponge, visuals are better.

  • What surprise, I mean, in every sense! first Bandai announce this for pc, but for a while we are kept in waiting, unsure if would be region locked or not. Then suddenly, it is released for everybody!

    This game is simple very fun tactics game, the focus is more in some Gundam series, such as Wing, 00, Seed and Iron Blooded Orphans, but it so good.

  • Chaos;Child is the fourth Visual Novel of the "Science Adventure Series" (which include the famous Steins;Gate and the less known, Chaos;Head, while they share the same universe, overall they are self-contained).

    The game follows the event of Chaos; Head (but don´t worry as you don't need to have played it), where follow the adventures of the school´s newspaper club, as the uncover more that they could ask for.

  • What curious rollercoast this was, by this I mean, I was looking foward to it, then there was the delays, but saw some stream of the beta and suddenly got really unsure about it. But then when It was released I decided to try it and much to my surprise find it to be fantastic.

  • I always heard about this Visual Novel, and I have to say, you like Visual Novels, please play this it is amazing.

  • This one is a lot more them Age of Wonder, but on future, the tactic combat, which was already superb, is even better here.

  • Imperator got a rough start, but over the year it did got better. Overall plays a bit like a "Paradox game best hits" with a bit of Crusader Kings here, some Victoria there, small dose of Europa Universalis and so on.

  • God Wars is a Final Fantasy Tactics with some fun twists and new mechanics.

  • After watching the anime, I was looking forward to this one, the tone is all over the place, there is some really strange mechanics, but between the music and the combat I did enjoy this game a lot.