My Game of the Year list of 2016

Well, since it is the period of the year where everyone is writing one this right now, so I might well join it.

List items

  • This includes both Danganronpa 1 and 2 - Danganronpa is one of my favorite games franchises, before I played them, I had just watched the anime, which I had already loved, but now — begin able to play the first one, which I loved even more and the second one, which gripped me even more (so much that in fact I dreamed about it) this franchise is just amazing — the perfect mixture of charming cast of characters, the great usage of contrasts and the plot, with its many twist where plays with tropes, something straight and something subverting them, keep you in constant surprise.

  • While I never thought that Rome II was “that bad” (and later the game did got better), when Attila, released after, I was a bit cautious, but it did revealed to be a very good game — so when time came for finally and CA released Warhammer, I had both hopes and some suspicion. But this maybe one of of the best Creative Assembly games, just right behind Shogun 2.

  • One of the best Visual Novels, is really interesting when you look it side a side with Chaos; Head, since both of them kind “share” (mostly in forms of references) the same universe, but Steins; Gate, feel a much more well structured and mature story, and it characters are much better, despite some flaws here and there.

  • One of the most fun games I played this year, it is a simple premise: aliens are attacking Earth in the most 80s and kaiju movie style possible, with giant ants, spiders and robots and it is upon the EDF to save the world, mostly destroying every single build around them to kill a single bug.

  • XCOM was already fantastic game, and somehow, XCOM2 manages to get even better, sure not without some misteps, such as many missions have limited time, which while make sense in context, is kind annoying. But despite this, the all other elements, such more focus in almost “guerrilla” kind tactics, improved character customization, mod support and the colorful and rich design of the world make it worth.

  • Ever wonder what jrpg in the style of Bethesa game or the Witcher would look like? or even want a game with draws a lot from Berserk, but isn´t Dark Souls? Then please give a chance to Dragon´s Dogma.

  • Paradox´s first attempt doing one of his grand strategy games in space, with some 4X elements, it is amazing game, but with some rough edges and very good soundtrack.

  • One of the best surprises I had this year, I had only watched the anime, which I enjoyed a lot, and found myself really liking the game, it is a light type of Monster Hunter kind of game, where humanity is almost extinct, since the Aragami appeared in the world, and the God Eaters are a elite force which hunt this creatures down. Despite some point of it feel a bit repetitive, overall is a very good game.

  • In Stranger of the Sword City, your character is transported to another world, where magic and technology exist at the same time, a place where not just your character, but lots of other people, called in universe as “strangers” are lead too.

    Trying to find a away back home, after forming a party in the “Strangers Guild”, you them start to follow quests, and in this aspect, two of the most interesting aspect of the game reveal — first, you need to collect Blood Crystal, and you must give each one to one of the three leaders of the land, each one open new powers as the story unfold. But to get Blood Crystal you must hunt the Lineage type monster, a unique one that wander in some maps.

    The game also features, in fact two styles of art for portraits, one more “realistic” and one more “anime”, but you can also add custom portraits.

  • Elminage Gothic is a very inspired by early Wizardry games, down to its mechanics, such class promotions, town acting as hub for a huge dungeons, it add many new elements, such instead of a single dungeon you have several smaller ones, which help improve the game pace, a whole plot with lot of themes gothic and light Lovecraftian themes, along with a very unique art style.

  • Mind Zero is a very Persona style of game, set in modern days itfollow a guy named Kei, a high school student, which certain event make him form a contact with a begin know as Mind. From this, he and his friends have to uncover a series os mysteries, while government and other agents are trying to track them.

  • While I never was a fan of WW2 strategy games, I tried to play HOI III several times, and mostly enjoyed, but the combat aspect too me felt too confusing. However, HOI IV as a huge improvement making everything a bit more clear, drawing the battle plans is really fun.

  • Aside from playing a bit of Spellfire and time where I played a few of Magic, I was never much in cardgames, so things like Heartstone, never grabed my attention much. But when I saw Shadowverse on Steam, I decided to give it a try, and much to my surprise I really liked the game and most art — if you are looking from something like Heartstone, but more anime, Shadowverse is a very good one.

  • For this entry I mean the Forgotten Realms - Archive Collection Two - which features the following classic AD&D SSI titles: Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, Secret of the Silver Blades, Pools of Darkness, along with Hillsfar, Treasure of the Savage Frontier and Gatewat to the Savage Frontier, and by last, Unlimited Adventures.

    The most surprising thing among them, is how the pace of this games was amazing, both in terms of actual size — the each game, have a good number of quests, but each one is never too long, maps are in the just right size, while combats never felt too long or too numerous. Aside from that, there was a huge effort in each game to add more layers and narrative, quests often feature two ways to be done and there was many ways to avoid combat, which is really well done, specially if you keep in mind, this are old game working under older limitations (such as storage, many times huge part os the text had to be left in a separated manual).