My GOTY 2015 list

Well, it the time of the year (one might even say the season) for makings lists, so maybe I will give it a try.

I will list some games I played in 2015 which I found interessing or (and) enjoyed a lot, many of then might be releases from 2015, other not. Also sorry if some descriptions look a bit vague, In some case I just wish avoid to spoil anything.

Note: all of them I played on PC, but not all of them in the list had entries in the wiki for pc.

List items

  • One of the best strategy games I have played this year, it full a very unique taiga (historical period) drama feeling and uniques takes on strategy (such a lot of focus on individual characters, the way you handle armies and allies) and design (again the art, music and lots of elements have a very strong feel of a taiga drama movie or novel).

  • Impressive well made Visual Novel, I loved both the art, music and the story, I really recommend this one.

  • One of the best Visual Novels I have played and one of the few games that really caught me off guard with the rather slow build up. However you might wish to play with the new sprites.

  • The second chapter of Higurashi, still amazing. Again you might wish play with the new sprites.

  • The Witcher 2 was already a amazing game, and this one goes in a even better direction - everything is kind amazing, specially the small touches such Gerald´s animations and some unique scenes and dialogues that played sometime. The only issue I could thing is when you keep light torchs and candles by accident. Also the open world of the game is very well done, but a bit static (in comparsion to games, such as Bethesa open worlds, where things try to be a bit more dynamic. p.s: I am not talking about Fallout 4).

  • Very well done port to pc of a great game, the combat get a bit chaotic, but everything is just perfect.

  • This year EU IV got some really amazing expansions, such as the Common Sense (which among many things changed how fortress are handled) and the recent - Cossacks (which add the states)

  • Attila, much more that Napoleon does feel much more unique and different from Rome II that Napoleon was form Empire. But in the other hand, Napoleon and Attila, do have something in common: they but show, as with some expansions CA previous did, that they where much better at smaller and more focused projects.

  • CK II got this year the Horse Lord expansion, which was amazing for playing with the hordes.

  • I do like games like this, even If am not very good, however, I do find I could play somewhat well (against the AI off course) and the game itself is amazing and very fun.

  • I am far from even a medium skilled fighting game player, but Blazblue is really good and very fun to play.

  • Very hard but very enjoyable games, you might do need several retries but when you win it does have that flavor of bypass a very hard challange.

  • (PC version) It is pretty much your a over the top Ruroni Kenshin (Samurai X) simulator. One of the many interessing aspects is how the game deal with several choices you have to make in a very short time, this mean that each one means a lot and the payoff don´t take forever which also mean you will replay this one a lot.

  • Very long and very good visual novel.

  • (PC Version) - Fun game with a nice combat system that is very fast, which somehow whay you might call grind (which isn´t heavy in this game anyway) in a very enjoab

  • (PC Version) I didn´t find so bad as very one loves to say, instead I enjoyed the game a lot and end even liking the characters. The only part I dind´t like was the Cieth Stone missions and the Ark.

  • (PC Version) after the Tokiden begin a terrible port, was slight unsure how this one would be - but turn it a very well done port. The game itself is very good, but the campaign and character lack a bit of the Dynasty Warrior charm and charisma.

  • A fun take on the super sentai that mix bit of turn base strategy and base management,the only issue is that both aspect are quite light.

  • (PC Version) Look, this just toke 128 hours, I am not 100% prideful of it, but despite this game be know for other reasons, let me tell you - it didnt dwell on that and most of the time you can easily even miss that parts and despite begin over strech in five generations with lots and lots of character, it does have it good or nice moments.