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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet 0

Well, here is a curious game... when it was announced it did catch my attention and curiosity, even if at the time, I wasn´t much in SOA, but I got confess, that after playing it made sort change the light of how I see SOA, enough to make me enjoy it, despite the flaws. Now the game itself is kind simple, it is a third-person shooter, based in the Gun Gale Online from the Phantom Bullet arc from Sword Art Online (it also featured in the SOA Alternative: Gun Gale). Unlikely the previous mmo...

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Blue Reflection 0

Blue Reflection is a very unusual game, one might dismiss easily, only seeing "jrpg with some magical girls", but if you look more in depth, there is a lot more to it and it is very unique game, you simple might won´t find anything close to it. It A gorgeous game with very unique design, while not perfect, unique in it own way. The game is about Hinako Shirai, a girl which had to give up ballet due a leg injury and now spend most of her time in sadness and melancholy, however, the one the ...

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Stranger of Sword City 0

The game starts with the news of plane crashing down, and you was in the plane, but instead of dying, you find yourself taken to another world, Escarion - a place, where you are not the only one transported, as lot of stuff from our world often end there, as there is lot of broken planes, trains and even ships around, in this place you character is called a "Stranger", because people from other world, are not only stranger in this place, but wield different powers here. But you soon get yourself...

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World End Economica episode 2 0

After the events of the first game, we now meet a Haru (Hal in the first game) which is deeply hurt and almost traumatized, from the persona which would literally begin flying around the Moon, we now see a person which due the shock of what happened, he need not only treatment, but even uses a stick to walk around - he is now a much more mature figure, but jaded and almost scared due begin guilty driven, he now lead a simple life, doing a simple governmental job, while trying to recover.Until hi...

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World End Economica episode 1 0

Set in a near future, where the moon colonization is at full speed and a immense rich finance and stock market is booming there, making the moon the center of economy, this visual novel follow the footsteps of Haru, a young boy with skill and talent in the stock market, that dreams to be to somewhere, where nobody has ever gone, and to reach it, he will put his skill to the test, but things might not follow the way you would expect. Written by Isuna Hasekura (Spice and the Wolf), World End Econo...

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King Arthur: Roleplaying Wargame 0

Much like you could guess by the game title, you do take the role of King Arthur in his quest for the throne of Britannia, right after Pendragons´s death. Along the way you will meet several potential Knight of the Round Table, sending them in battle or quest, while you rule Camelot. The game itself is a very Total War style game, with a turn based portion where you administrate your holdings and battles which are fought in real time.The game have art design is impressive in every aspect, ...

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