My Games of the Year 2014

The best games i've played in 2014, a year in which i almost haven't spent any time on my xbox 360 compared to last year. I was hoping for some grand and magical new ip to come around and take me into this "next gen" of consoles.. unfortunately no such thing happened and i've been on my personal computer most of this year, if the new ips take even longer to see daylight, i might go back and get a ps3 and play some of those exclusives.

All the disappointments with the new consoles aren't holding me back from trying out new and surprisingly exciting things. My backlog is filled with games i got from the Humble Bundle and overly cheap steam sales. All in all this year has elevated and broadened my view of different genres of games and i've enjoyed all my time with them.

List items

  • Definitely. No doubt. My game of the year, even if it came out last year, the first season is unbelievable good. It made me laugh, rage and cry with all the different decisions that effect the story and all the lives i could affect with my actions. This game removes the sense of pure control i've experienced in other games that have player choices, like Fallout 3 and Mass Effect. In those games you could fully control the outcome of the situation, but in The Walking Dead, the decision you make seem totally your choice, even if the outcome is unpreventable.

    Season 2 awaits me and i'm both afraid and excited to get back to this world and these characters.

  • Before Gone Home i wasn't into Adventure games at all, i really liked the idea of experiencing a story but most adventure games have puzzles, i honestly only want the story part and what i've seen in most adventure games with puzzles, is that the puzzles are tedious and bad, luckily Gone Home doesn't have any of that, it's purely an exploration adventure game and i admire it for just that, it doesn't try to be something more than that and it really doesn't need to be. The story is fantastic and it is one of those kinds of stories that feels really human, i could envision this story taking place somewhere in the world, something i can't say to most of the other video game stories out there.

  • Now after Gone Home a new boom in my curiosity for adventure games flourished and i was all over the genre looking for great games with little to no puzzle elements and man jazzpunk is just.. weird?! Like Gone Home this isn't a long game and it would be alot shorter if you just blazed through it. I haven't been so interested in poking around every inch of a world as i have in jazzpunk for such a long time. It's a weird little game with charm and baffling wonders which i'm happy that i've experienced this year.

  • One of the best games and one of the most complete and full experiences of this year, makes me feel like back in the day when games came out and weren't broken and rubbish like we've seen this year with alot of the titles coming and falling. Shadow of Mordor had it all, a fun world to traverse, extremely well done enemies that are memorable not just a few of them, but all of them you encounter are potentially memorable characters. It's really hard to place this one on my list as i really really do like it, but i also really really like all these other games. As one of the few games in recent years i've bothered to 100% by collection all the collectibles and doing all the side challenges, i feel like i could play this game all over again and still have an enjoyable time, even so little time since i completed it. The combat is fun and solid.. damn, just writing about it makes me want to go back and play it again, that's how good it is!

  • Never has been playing a guard on border control so uncomfortable? Papers, Please is brilliant in the way it makes you feel bad for the things you're doing to people and yet makes it perfectly mundane. I felt that i had to help certain people, but i didn't want to get a strike from my supervisor, i had to prioritize and not help them. In some cases i would need to let them get through without proper papers or in more serious cases there might be a small story behin it that justifies and compels you to go against your supervisor and do what seems right, but you never know if that would come around to bite you or to rewards you. Papers, Please is one experience i wouldn't want to be without this year.

  • The IOS versions of FTL is definitely the way to go, i haven't had much interests in playing it on pc, but on my ipad that's a completely different story. At times hocked up to the charge, just to get that little bit extra of game time. Building up my crew and seeing them get destroyed by an enemy i thought, i might be able to defeat if they haven't teleported inside my ship and damaged my oxygen supply. For a perma-death style game i really loved going back and trying out new ships i'd unlocked and a new crew to try to get farther than before. It took me a long time to beat the final boss and it doesn't matter, i had a great time failing and trying, until i finally did beat the boss and even after that point i continued to play.

  • With over 40 updates since release and now the option to unlock one of the producers beard, means that Payday2 has been in constant and unpredictable change this year. Things that have annoyed me in the beginning was suddenly patched one day and when they introduce new dlc i was first to jump on board and support this game, even with free dlc coming all the time and their excellent handling of owning dlc and playing with people that don't, means that i could continue playing with people that own the dlc even if i don't own the maps we play on, i can't start games on maps that i don't own but that hasn't been an issue.

    The "Crimefest" was a community challenge if you will by the developer, if the community managed to reach a number of members in their official steam group they would make more free content and when that was achieved there was 12 days of free dlc and lots of fun, after that there was the Halloween event which also was full of fun. By far my FPS this year.

  • The gun-play isn't why you or anyone really should play the Metro games, it's the world and the odd creatures and people that inhabit it. I played both Metro games with Russian audio and English subtitles, that made the experience that bit more immersive. Shooting every enemy is never the best approach in the Metro games, as ammo can be scarce, especially when playing on higher difficulties. Sneak past guards and creatures or stealth kill guards, an improvement on the first Metro game that didn't have stealth takedowns. I'm hoping for another Metro game to come soon, i'll enjoy diving into this world once again with a dirty mask on.

  • The Behemoth has done it again, another great games to play with friends. The story however short it might be is hilarious. The platforming and the way you can interact with your friends, by throwing them down to their deaths(which is always a fun one) or working together to reach the exit in time is fun and the no death penalty makes BattleBlock Theater an excellent addition to The Behemoth's already fantastic game catalog. I might revisit this game again to 100% it and to unlock more goofy heads.

  • I've had a ton of fun in minecraft, strangely i've avoided it for years and finally gotten it on the pc. I modded the game on day one, got some new texture on everything, which was a huge improvement over the pixelated look for the vanilla game, some might disagree but i don't fancy the way vanilla minecraft's pixel art looks. The game doesn't run especially well either it hangs on startup each and everytime, at first i thought this was something with my pc but then i found out that it's just minecraft, hopefully something will come along and fix these that. I played alittle with friends but they've already had they fill of minecraft ages ago, then i've just kinda been to myself and made a small fort in the nether, an underground farming facility and lots of other random things in vanilla minecraft. I was hoping to mod the game more, but the tools for that weren't and as of this writing still aren't updated to the latest version 1.8, but i've still enjoyed my time building and exploring, getting lost and then getting killed by a demon sheep. I'll return to minecraft again at somepoint and complete that one project that i need more resources to finish.