My Games of the Year 2015

It's kinda been a slow year for gaming -atleast for me. My console has stayed untouched this year and i've had no reason to get a new one. Being on the PC all of this year has made me fall back and play some of my old favorites, given me even less time/desire to start something new.

But there has been games i wanted to play this year, which i just haven't come around too and there have been games from last year i finally did come around to.

Here's a bunch of games i finished this year and i'll try to justify their position one by one.

List items

  • A glorified demo? Not entirely, there's a ton of fan-service and plenty of things to do, i've dug almost 10hours into it. I loved the audio logs you get from Paz, they seem more like CD dramas than actual logs you would find in a game. Once i had "beat" the game, i went back in and collected a bunch of stuff. It's fun to just walk around and mess with the soldiers in the base. The controls aren't the best but they are the best the series have had so far.

    The story moments, the few there were, were extraordinary. At one point i felt my stomach clench and only a few games have ever made me feel that.

    It excites me that when i'm done playing the older Metal Gear Solid and eventually come to Phantom Pain, that i might play something that looks this good, runs this well and has a story that i'd actually care for.

  • I love the soundtrack, heck i'm writing this listening to it! The artstyle, the music, the world, the story, everything fits nicely together. I enjoyed the story alot, there is just enough of it to keep you guessing and keep you mystified about the world. I'm not going to lie, i was lost a big portion of this game and some of it, i feel is the game's fault, it does want you to probe and try everything on EVERYTHING! but without any visual aid, any block might hide something and that was a big drawback for me but considering the whole package the game is alot of fun and i've had this urge to jump back into it. If only it had a new game+ or a way for me to bring my stuff back to the beginning. If there is more content released, i'll most defiantly play it.

    I think the reason it's #2 on my list, is that i was lost a big part of the game and that it was just a much much more satisfying experience than say Fallout 4?

  • I played all of the Fallout games to ready myself for Fallout 4. ALL OF THEM! The first 2 are horribly outdated and i wouldn't recommend anyone playing them, Tactics is garbage, 3 hasn't aged well and i left most of the map markers unexplored, as most of them are copy/pasted from 4-5templates. New Vegas is defiantly the one that has aged the best and in my opinion has the best story and roleplaying in the franchise -above 4 too. All that leaves us with Fallout 4, a game i've been immensely excited to play and that sadly disappointed me a whole lot. Where to start? The gameplay is the best the franchise has ever had but the story, the story takes some turns and becomes really poorly designed. The beginning was captivating as you start in pre-war America and the middle portion is interesting but the endings -yes i got all of them- are shit. Not only is this the Fallout game with least roleplaying aspects to it but the lack of simply saying "No" to things is disheartening. The worst part of the endings are that they leave me dissatisfied, sure, Fallout 3 didn't really have any plot divergence but the ending atleast made me feel like the journey was worth it but not in Fallout 4. This is the one Fallout game i have zero desire to play the story ever again and that says alot.

    Furthermore the game is rippled with bugs. I've never been in the camp of "It's a Bethesda game so bugs are alright" but i tend to play their games awhile after release, this time i got it on release and oh boy it's something. Countless times has my weapon just disappeared out of my hands and left me defenseless against enemies. At one point my power armor just vanquished and when i loaded an earlier save, i couldn't get into it again, loading an even earlier save and got my armor and lost a half hour. I've had plenty of other bugs aswell.

    The game doesn't look great and i was prepared to forgive it for that if the story was any good but considering the above, i have to say the game doesn't look great and it runs even worse. I can't fathom the complexities between game engines but i can say that i have seen alot better looking games than Fallout 4 and all of them run tremendously better than Fallout 4, further more, the game was capped at 50fps for me, which is an odd number to cap it at, i would have uncapped it in the gamefiles but considering all the glitches and flying cows i had in Skyrim, i thought it was better not to.

    The settlement system only comes into play in an optional mission near the end and can be as the dev said "entirely ignored", i would have hoped there to be an ending where you could take control of the commonwealth with your army of minutemen but that never came to fruit.

    Even if Bethesda proclaimed there to be more dialogue in this game than any of the other games they have done like it, it doesn't feel like it, there is a lack of worldbuilding dialogue, like explanations and talking about the world in general, it feels shallow. The game is said to be bigger than Skyrim and this is another thing that doesn't feel so, it feels smaller than Skyrim but that's just a feels thing.

    I'm hugely disappointed by this game, the gameplay is fine, just not the story, RPG elements or player influence.

  • Another great example of how to do IPs right. It's like being in an episode of the tv show and that's the best part of it. The combat isn't bad but it isn't a hindrance either. The story is something you'd expect from South Park and all the grotesque things that happen is a keynote of the show. In some ways it seems like they had more leverage with the game then they do with the show and that's both a positive and a negative, in some parts it just goes too far and that's fine, just alittle unexpected at times.

  • I played the multiplayer early access thing, Don't Starve Together with friends and even tho i'm not good at it one bit, i still have plenty of fun with friends and i think that's the best way to play Don't Starve, it's with friends. There are defiantly parts of the game i think are too hard, i've had alot of trouble staying alive and as they roll out more features from the main game into the multiplayer portion it only gets harder but that's where mods come in, there are many many mods for Don't Starve Together and they do help the experience alot.

  • A very silly little game. It can get competitive and alot of fun playing with friends. It's simple and is pretty laid back experience.

  • After watching the first run of metal gear scanlon, i decided to play the game for myself and boy, are the controls bad -they are- but since i played it on an emulator, i had the luxery of saved states and without them i would probably have had alot more hassle than i did -not to say that it was completely hassle free. It felt like a good action movie, the kind you actually pay attention to the plot. The characters are memorable and likeable and the whole thing is very well constructed. I plan to play all the main Metal Gear Solid games and then watch drew play them after each one.

  • The story isn't better than the first one, that's for sure but it still kicks ass. The controls are certainly an improvement over it's predecessor. I didn't know that the game would be split off into two sections and when i came to the second part of the game, i was surprised at the change, it wasn't something i expected but i liked it anyways. I feel like the game explained itself to me at the end and then tried to confuse me by explaining itself again? The ending was very strange to say the least and that's one of the reasons why i liked the first game's story better but this is a alright experience even with the odd story bits.

  • I've played over 60hours of Fallout Shelter, for a long time i've had the routine of checking in with my vault 3 times a day. Even after losing most of my vault's inhabitant in what might be described as a horrible experiment gone wrong or just poor choice... I managed to recover, upgraded all my rooms and hit the cap with caps. Then Fallout 4 game out and i lost all interest, haven't touched the game since but considering that it was a free game -i didn't spend any money on- it has shown that it's worth having on my list.

  • A solid game, a solid experience but it sorta lost me halfway in. I did enjoy my time with it and i really liked all the fanfare. The different pieces of history for all the characters and the way the characters are presented ingame is fantastic. I don't think i've ever played a comic game that stuck to its source material as well as Arkham Asylum did and even tho it lost me halfway through, i still went back and finished it and i'll defiantly play the next ones too!