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Recalling my Gaming in 2012

This year for me was another hard year for gaming since my current day jobs workflow significantly increased and opening my own business added another busy schedule reducing much of my gaming time to usually only 1 day for real gaming. When I say real gaming I mean spending several hours really getting to understand and play the new titles aside from just the usual short play I usually do after work before I sleep to play a few games of Battlefield 3 online. At least I managed to get to play enough games to name 10 of my best for this year. so here it is my 2012 Games of the Year list.

1. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

The expansion found in the "Prepare to Die Edition" which drew me back in to dying again and again. The new bosses were a very welcome challenge to an already challenging game and the tweaks to re-balance the in-game items made it responsible for eating alot of my time this year and the release of the expansion made this game my most played console game again this year.

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2. Mark of the Ninja

It's been quite a while since I've played a 2D adventure game which these days seems to me as just games that are played in handhelds and while waiting in line, but this game changed it back like when I had to play Ninja Gaiden seriously back in NES. Its been a very long time since I took 2D platform and action games seriously and I have alot to thank this game for reminding me that 2D games still can be just as fun like before.

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3. Journey

This game is another strong statement that video games can also be just as powerful as movies in displaying art concepts. The game's presentation is just impressive that I also cannot help but look in awe. It's multiplayer also stands out since like in a real journey you may encounter random people that just simply pop out of nowhere and decide on your own if you want to play it cooperatively or not.

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4. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Ahh yes I remember the countless hours I've spent playing Final Fantasy Tactics due to its intricate turn based mechanics and character development. This game rejuvenates that exact nostalgia. What made this game even better was the fact the sci-fi element was done so well that the makers of the Civilization franchise clearly knows how to make their craft truly memorable.

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5. Dragon's Dogma

To me the combat system found here should have been what Dragon Age has. The game's combat system alone drew me in to play countless hours and not to mention also getting a stab at the game's hilarious twist. No RPG has done a better battle system especially fighting the big creatures than this game.

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6. Sleeping Dogs

This game brought me the nostalgia of playing Shenmue back when I was still in college despite the massive difference in atmosphere. Its story which was highly inspired from Alan Mak's Infernal Affairs, draws players to experience infiltrating the triads ranks which for me made the experience interesting as it gave (though not entirely sure if accurate) a slight insight of their culture and such.

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7. Asura's Wrath

The presentation of this game drew me in alongside its epic soundtrack. What made this game actually fun was the fact I had an audience while playing this since the game was presented like you're watching a drama with its intermission cuts. Aside from its fantastic presentation, the game also reminded me of my childhood joys back when I watched Dragonball Z as a kid since it had alot of those ridiculously epic moments like defeating an opponent EVEN LARGER THEN THE PLANET YOU'RE STANDING IN. Damn its truly epic!
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8. Syndicate

When I heard that the old game I used to play was going to be revived, I was at 1st skeptical if it will turn out good given the fact that the 1st person action genre is over-saturated, and how they will translate such into something that separate itself from so many shooters already available. Regardless I gave this game a try then surprisingly got hooked in a different way with its new sci-fi aesthetics and awesome soundtrack. Oh did I mention this game was responsible for introducing me to Skrillex(though not really a fan). Atleast I owe it to this game for knowing who is the electronic musician party nuts everywhere keep raving about.

9. Mass Effect 3

Despite the massive online nerd rage over the game's ending, I simply cannot forget how many hours I've invested into this being the fact that the game was just so damn fun till the end. It's multiplayer had a good touch to it also being a coop wave stand off as well.

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10. Borderlands 2

An alternative single player shooter that sucked me in. I found the initial advertisement of a "BAZILLION GUNS" not to be an actual exaggeration since yes there are really a "BAZILLION GUNS" in the game. The Coop play was really fun with friends and killing the main antagonist was pretty satisfying.