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VanRedd: Best of 2009

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  • This game totally sucked me in this year. I had a blast seeing what craziness I could get up to roaming around Italy. I found the story compelling and the side missions where mostly fun and/or skipable.

  • This game was brilliant. It has some of the best pacing I have ever seen in a game along with some of the best set pieces. The story is ok, but is given more of a life by the outstanding acting job from the cast.

  • This game really brought back fond memories of Baldur's Gate I and II. As said in the bombcast, the fact that Bioware went old school on this was a really great surprise.

  • Who would have thought the Sly Cooper gang would make one of the best superhero games? inFAMOUS really surprised me with it's quality. It was a really neat world to be dropped into and there was lots of neat ways to get around to do fun stuff.

  • Whether this should have even been a game this year was argued up and down the internet this year. L4D2 proved itself though with great new campaigns, new melee weapons, and a much improved competitive multiplayer.

  • This game seemed to come out of nowhere. Borderlands really nailed the mixture of Diablo loot and FPS action. The multiplayer is a terrific experience with friends that adds a lot to the experience.