Dead Rising 2: Terror is Reality Contestants

Dead Rising 2 will be here soon and with it the in universe reality show "Terror is Reality".  The idea of American Gladiators versus zombies definatly has promise. I wonder how some of our other favorite charaters would do in the competition. Many game characters face off against zombies of some sort, and many charactes have items or abilities that would give them a great advantage. However to be successful on TiR a character needs to be able to react on the fly, be innovative with weapons, and know how to watch their own back.

List items

  • Frank, sadly, is not our main man for the next outing of Dead Rising. I have a feeling he will probably show up somehow but regardless I think he would do well on TiR. He has lots of experience mowing zombies down, with an actual damn lawnmower. The only thing going against him would be his habit of slowing down to take pictures. Still I think he would do great, he's covered zombies you know.

  • Keeping it in the Capcom family for a bit with Mr. Leon Kennedy here. Leon has, arbuablly, the best zombie/poor european killing skills. He has had to face off in small spaces before so he would be right at home on the show. My only concern about him is that TiR requires a lot of outside the box fighting. I can't seem him putting on the moose head or duel wielding chain saws.

  • Snake would be at a big disadvantage. Snake is at his best when he is sneaking around and that just won't work on the bright stage for the show. Also, Snake is not one for unorthadox weaponry as he doesn't even like to use swords.

  • Marcus comes into the game with a huge advantage, his lancer. Having a portable chainsaw that is also a gun really puts him ahead of the others. His only issue is getting ripped apart while sawing. He would do well to rely more on grenade tagging.

  • She would die horribly and quickly, but it would be more entertaining then anything that has ever happened in any of her awful movies.

  • Ellis would actually do rather well. He is used to a much more fast paced type of zombie and zombies with strange ablilities. Ellis is redneck enough that he could probably fashion all sorts of insane weapons, and be dumb enough to use them. His only handicap is that he is used to working with a team, on his own he may be in trouble...unless his buddy Keith shows up.

  • Simon in particular, but really any Belmont would do great at TiR. His whip gives him a chance to attack at a distance. Also anyone who has played Castlevania knows you can just sit in the front hall and kill zombies all day long. Much like....

  • This guy is the master at sitting around killing zombies. There have been reports of him sitting up all night in the entry hall to Castlevania killing zombies for over 24 hours at a time.

  • Zeke can handle chaos. I am not sure his choice of eyewear will help him but he definatly has the experience. In fact you could say Zeke has done most of this before.

  • An odd choice, but he gets included due to his abiliby to unintentionally kill more zombies than some actual players.

  • Agent G is at a huge disadvantage in this competition. Terror is Reality requires outside of the box thinking. You have to go "off the rails" so to speak, and I don't think that is place where G would do well.

  • Kirby is probably the ultimate contestant. He is almost an anti-zombie. He is the only one I know who could turn the tables and eat the zombies.