The Front to Back Crazy Playlist: Magnacarta 2 Edition

Ok the idea around this playlist is that we take a random game. I decided to pick a random current (as of this writing) release. That game is  Magnacarta 2. The next game in a FTB playlist should begin with the last letter of the previous game, in this case A because we ignore any sequel digits. My next game would be Advent Rising. The next game would begin with G and so on. 
The following rules apply:
1. You ignore THE at the begining of a title.
2.You ignore subtitles. 
3. You ignore any sequel numbers.
  Take The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for example. I ignore The, IV, and Oblivion.
4. Your list must be no more or less then ten games long.
5. If you play though you get progressive points for each one you play for a full night of gaming. (Lets say 3 hours.)
You MUST play them IN ORDER. 
See how high you can score!

List items