Summer Gaming Round Up Prt 1 - Transformers War for Cybertron

So vashkey rented a fair number of games this summer and he was so selfish he so lazy he didn't attempt talking about it. Weird right? You normally can't get me to shut up. Well I'll try and recall my time with them all despite my poopy memory and share my thoughts on them with you, the not so little people by direct comparison to in terms of value but possible in height...

So I'll start with Transformers: War for Cybertron.

Um... Yeah, i'm pretty sure the actually box had that new green swoosh on the right like all new 360 games have... but yeah, anyway...I've been keeping a close eye on this game since it's announcement. Robots that transform have always interested me since I watched Beast Wars back in my Elementary years. So seeing this game not look like dog doody caught my interest. Still, just because something is dog doo doesn't mean it's gold either.

I'll just start of by saying the campaign isn't going to blow your socks off. It's your standard yellow brick road shooter sprinkeled with set pieces. It's enjoyable but if you play shooters you're going to feel some intense dejavu. Alot of what you see feels lifted right from other shooters. Thats not to say it's not fun, running through in co-op is a blast and jet sequences, easily the campaign's most memorable scenes, are a blast.

The plot isn't amazing or anything but it's what you'd expect from Transformers. It gets the job done and it should be enough to satisfy Transformers fans. The world of Cybertron is probably faithfully captured in the game but I have to admit, it gets a bit monotonous with all the blacks are gray environments. It makes Gears of War look like a double rainbow.

War for Cybertron incorporates transformation pretty seemlessly. Just click down the lest stick and you're in vehicle mode. Each transformer comes with a couple of special abilities unique their class and in some cases just the character). These elements help separate this from the pack.

Since apparently every shooters needs one these days, War for Cybertron comes with a co-op survival mode called Escalation. Played any co-op survival mode and you know what to expect. Fight your way through waves of ai controlled baddies you already encountered in campaign as long as you can. It's similar to Call of Duty: World at War's Nazi Zombies mode in that you can spends the points you earn on opening new rooms to better weapons and equipment with the down side of giving enemies more areas to spawn. There are two maps, each one dedicated to each of the Transformers factions and with some enemies unique to each location.

I didn't really get to play too much of the competitive multiplayer. It seemed pretty solid though. Similar to the Call of Duty series you can customize your transformers class. You have a selection of promary calles that you can tweak to your liking such as leader and scout, you can choose their abilities and spawn weapons and such and even choose between chassis and colors. And of course from threre you can earn new awesome stuff from leveling up and once you max out you can go Prime(prestige).

Theres a selection of playlists with a fair amount of of game types. Like I said I didn't get to play too much but certain classes seem better equiped to take on certain tasks so it seems like mastering them all would be key.

Thats about all I care to share. It's a fun game but aside from being about robots in disguise it doesn't really break the mold. It's recommendable and it's about the best quality you could hope for a licensed video game(well, short of Arkham Asylum..>). But against all games in general it really doesn't hold up against the Halos, Gears, Call of Duties and Half-Life. It makes for a good distraction though.