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Halo 4 is a satisfying and entertaining shooter, even if it's not blazing trails unlike it's predecessors 0

Back in 2007 Call of Duty 4 changed the landscape of the first person shooter and effectively threw a wrench in Halo’s domination of the genre on consoles. It introduced exciting and interesting new gameplay innovations like killstreaks and perks and pretty much made custom loadouts and sprinting a standard. Call of Duty stood as a pub of a different gameplay style for those not as keen on the thrill of piling into a warthog for a flag cap or fierce battles over controlling power weapon spawn l...

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Theres something seriously wrong when sixty dollars for ODST seem 0

It'a been while since I've played and I alread typed up a blog about this and had it eaten up by Gamespot so forgive me if this one feel a little half assed, it's hard to care as much the second time around.With the tenth anniversarry one of modern gaming's most important franchises it's no surprise that Microsoft would try to capitalise on it with a new Halo game release. While there's some obvious ways this Anniversary could have come to fruition it instead explores multiple directions and ult...

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As good as you could hope a sequel could be 0

Well, Gears of War 3 is pretty much exactly what I expected. Better, longer campaign with a signicificantly better plot and a much improved multiplayer experience. This is probably my favorite shooter since Halo 3.So what did the game do right? Well, the netcode has been vastly improved, so the competitive multiplayer is actually playable even if your match isn't making use of the dedicated servers. There's a slew of unlockables so you have a lot of motivation to just keep playing. I really love...

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Bungie has improved Halo in almost every way 0

So like I do with every game I started with the campaign for Reach. One awesome thing you'll find about the campaign from the get go is that your customized Spartan will be the guy you play as in campaign which will appear in the cinematics. For this though you pay the price by having a less interesting character as the rest of the cast whom are perfectly comfortable taking of their helmets and expressing their opinions. Clearly this was done so the player could more easily project themselves on...

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Fun albeit unambitious 0

 I was excited to hear of a sequel to Crackdown, the game bundled with the Halo 3 beta. But I wasn't too excited the sceen shots in the Gameinformer magazine showing off a game using the same engine that the original Crackdown used that wasnt very impressive back when it debuted back in 2007. Fears krept in my mind that this sequel was a rush job that offered little new.Then I played the game and found out I was right. Crackdown 2 uses the same graphics engine, the same city and the same exact g...

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More of the same and little else than that 0

 Lets face it, if you even having a passing interest in videogames and have an xbox 360 you've heard of Modern Warfare 2. It's the definition of a game that needs no introduction really, coming from two predecessors that met unbelievable success and a hype train that even over shadows that of Halo 3 and GTA IV. I may even be just preaching to the choir considering the staggering week one sales. Still I always love putting in my two cents.Modern Warfare 2 takes place shortly after CoD4. The Russi...

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Commanding Spartans is almost as fun as playing as them 0

 Keep in mind that Halo Wars is the first rts I've ever played(go on, call me a noob), so my standards for the game were based on the same standards I have for all games. Be fun and give me reason to play after the initial first run.I beat the campaign and for the most part it's pretty good. What I liked most about it is that most of the missions have you doing pretty different things. Almost none of the missions feel similar. Halo Wars probably has the most varied single player experience I've ...

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ODST has it's flaws but it's still a fun game. 0

 Halo 3 ODST play much like Halo 3. More like Halo: Combat Evolved, actually. Gone is dual wielding and deployable equipment. Fall damage and the original health model are back. For those unfamiliar with Combat Evolved there a recharging health system called "stamina". Take damage and if you wait long enough with out taking any more you as good as new. If you take to much you'll start taking damage on a base health bar and the only to recover it is finding health packs.To some this will feel lik...

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