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I'm coming around on the gameplay in XII with the remaster, honestly. Like Gino, when I played the original XII I thought the combat was super boring. Especially since it's optimal to just setup sick gambits and let the characters do their thing. Maybe my tastes just changed, or the fact that I'm streaming TZA and talking about it/other stuff while fighting is doing work, but something about the combat is clicking now. Adjusting gambits is fun in a puzzle-game-sort of way, and trash mobs are easily sped through with a click of the button and switching on my lead character's gambits. On top of that, the licence board is actually interesting now since characters are funneled into loose classes instead of all being increasingly generalist (and broken) a la the sphere grid. And they got rid of the spell queuing so there's no longer someone stuck with a full ATB waiting to cast a spell because another character is casting.

@freedom4556: The solution to Vaan's shirtlessness is to not use Vaan and ignore him when he's on-screen in a cutscene. It's what he deserves anyway.

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@hawk767: Haven't listened to it yet, but I'm going to say very. The FF podcasts in general go through major story points in sequence and talk about them. This is true for all the podcasts in general but especially for the FF ones.

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Unfortunately it's real. Because I've been watching FF videos lately those are the only ads I see on Youtube :/

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Played about an hour and half solo, got top 10 first game. Didn't do as well the later couple matches.

Honestly I don't get it. Game doesn't seem fun at all. Seems like the only way to play is hide for the majority of the time and hope you get the jump on the last few players.

Hiding for the entire game is a trade-off same as going spicy. If you hide, you're not as likely to get equipped so the endgame is harder. If you're fighting you're more likely to get gear but also more likely to die.

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I agree with Gaff. It's just the anxiety flaring up, nothing to do with the glasses. I got glasses in high school after having trouble reading things more than 10 feet away for years and I knew that I wanted glasses to be as unobtrusive as possible. I went with wide rectangular lenses and thin frames; I keep them high on my nose and I have to make an effort to notice the parts around the periphery of my vision that aren't covered anymore.

I can't say wearing glasses has ever made me anxious, but a word of advice from someone who gets uncomfortable in crowds because of my conduct: no one's looking at you. They're busy in their own world. If they glance at you, it's just a glance. They aren't thinking anything significant about you almost certainly. I understand that anxiety means you can't just tell yourself this and make the panic go away, but I find it helps the more sure you are of this.

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FFX is generally well-regarded, but it's not my favorite personally. My favorite, which you can get on Steam, is FFIX. You should get FFIX, I hear it's pretty good. Phantom Brave is also on Steam, though it's a strategy game (non-grid-based); I like it quite a bit too.

Tales of Berseria is one of the better Tales games lately IMO, but it still doesn't touch Vesperia.

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Buy the Steam version of Final Fantasy VIII. I promise you will not regret your life choices.

Go back to your Vienna sausages and eternal regret, you liar.

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@csl316 said:

Platinum generally keeps trying something new, aside from Bayonetta.

Which is partially awesome, but partially disappointing since a refined sequel to say... Vanquish, could be something even better.

You're right, but I feel like Platinum only operates in one or two genres. Something like Supergiant or ACE are doing completely different types of games.

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@teddie said:

Story in XV is a patchwork mess that doesn't line up and basically requires a wiki to understand anything beyond "hero fight bad man". XII has a political thing that is competent and actually makes sense if you can get invested in that kind of thing, but the lore and worldbuilding in that game is phenomenal compared to what XV tried to do. Characters aren't great in either, XV has the issue of putting all its development in content outside of the game or reserving it for paid DLC, and XII has generally flat characters, but Balthier carries the weak links.

A lot of people say this about XV and to some extent I can't disagree, but I also have to say that I have a full grasp of the happens of XV and didn't have to think too long to get my answers. Never been to the wiki; the game gives you most--though not all--of the answers, just not usually in cutscenes. Talking to NPCs or finding documents/radio broadcasts gives a surprising amount of info. I'd also say that the main characters of XV get a lot of development in-game and that while the companion anime adds to that, it's more to get a sense of the cast before you play the game since the game doesn't intro them itself. I can barely remember what happens in the anime episodes but I can, and am, writing a longer piece on the cast in the context of something else. DLC has some good stuff in it on occasion, though, which is why I can't dispute it entirely.

Also the car is capable of off-roading now, so they've finally addressed the issue of having to go and get a chocobo. Load times still suck, though.

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XII has a stronger sense of place and the stronger main story of the two. It has a more political bent, and some people derogatorily liken it to Star Wars for that reason. The characters are a bit flat, and two of the party members are irrelevant at a point. The speed-up feature makes the combat more enjoyable if you're sensitive to slow-paced combat, and I liked the tweaks to the licence board system--but it is very much still the licence board system.

XV has the better main characters, and I especially loved the writing between them and the sense of camaraderie. I never do post-game stuff in RPGs but I did in XV purely because I liked hanging out with the characters. Of the two, it has the weaker plot because the presentation of it has some glaring issues, but I still liked it and it does have some strong (emotional) moments in my opinion. I thought the villain was pretty interesting too. If you're picking up this game, you should be expecting to have a good time with characters and maybe have a good time with the story. Combat is simple to pick up, and though there is a bit of nuance, there isn't a whole lot to master. The slower-paced action combat is fun to me, though, and I ended up making some strategy/moveset videos for each of the weapon types just because digging into it was fun. I would say music and visuals are stronger here. It's got a neat medieval-meets-modern aesthetic too.

Edit: I suppose I forgot to say it: I recommend XV over XII. After IX, it's my favorite numbered FF game. XII might be my third favorite though.

Edit 2: Except for optional dungeons and a couple questlines with named NPCs, the side content in XV isn't much worth doing (hunts are fun if you end up liking the combat, though) so it's also not that big of a time commitment. Main story could take you 15 hours maybe, plus 10ish to do all the dungeons. More if you want to challenge the difficult post-game ones.