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Best of 2010

VaultDweller13: Best of 2010
I only included games that I've spend a fair amount of time playing to make a solid judgement on them.

List items

  • More fun than I've had playing a game in quite some time. Maybe it's just because I love Twin Peaks so much...

  • I'm probably biased because I play WoW, but it's awesome how Blizzard changed things up and completely reshaped the world... of Warcraft.

  • Much love to Raven for making both a really fun single player and multi-player FPS.

  • For some reason it didn't engage me as much as the first (may need to play through it a few more times when I'm not so busy) but it's a great game none the less.

  • Still hard to imagine that we live in a post-Starcraft II world. I thought this day would never come.

  • People may give it shit and claim that the franchise is becoming stale (which is insane given there have only been two installments so far), but I still thought this was still a very solid, fun to play game.

  • I generally don't like DMC style games but this one is actually pretty accessible.

  • It's free and it's actually pretty fun. For some reason I really want to eat tortilla chips now...