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Rez Is 2

Rez is a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day.Rez is spontaneous sex in a public restroom.Rez is the after-party when the drugs run out, the music dies down, and everyone passes out on the couch.Rez is watching the Matrix on acid while listening to trance in one ear, and having your best friend give you a Neuromancer synopsis in the other.Rez is a virtual reality program from the future, slipped accidentally through a data wormhole to our ancient consoles.Rez is gathering yourself in the alle...

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Badly In Need of Editors 4

There's a gem of a "stealth action on the battlefield" game buried deep within this title.  It has an excellent amount of combat depth, an extensive moveset, and a complex weapon upgrading system that makes the battlefield stealth a blast to play and gives it tons of replayability.Unfortunately, that excellent game, that shiny nugget of fun, is smothered in layers of some of the most obnoxious, convoluted verbal feces to ever grace a visual medium.  Not two hours into the game I was mashing the ...

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...and so, we start all over again. 0

One would think that a linear puzzle game would have no replay value, and yet I cannot stop myself from repeatedly booting it up and just soaking in the delicious aesthetic.It drips, oozes style from every pore, every orifice spouting time diluting rainbows and pastel silhouettes.The single-track, determined faces march along, only interrupted by a crushing blow to the head.Malicious plants sprout from green pipes to impede your progress, nostalgic remnants of a long-forgotten era.Soothing strin...

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Excellent Game, But Get Colonies Instead 0

What impressed me most about this game was the multiplayer.  Its focus on Japanese fighting game style tech rolls and i-frames really makes it different from every other shooter on the market, as does the emphasis on platforming and grappling in very vertical levels.  The single player is a blast for one or two run-throughs, but the multiplayer has kept me coming back for a year and a half now.  It has a sizeable community, too, although most if not all have moved on to Colonies.If you're consid...

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This Is How You Do A Rerelease 0

While Ubisoft simply puts a number two on the end of their expansion packs and declares them a sequel to justify charging you another $60, Capcom steps in and shows how it should really be handled.  They've added a truckload of new content, improved the netcode & framerate, put in cross-platform play, and re-shipped the game for a mere $30.This is similar to titles in the past like DMC3 Special Edition, or Ninja Gaiden Black.  If you're a newcomer interested in seeing what Lost Planet has to...

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I Shat Bricks 2

I shat bricks when things crashed through windows and startled me, old-school Resident Evil style.I shat bricks when I fought a massive group of techno-ninjas in a dark office.I shat bricks when I would turn a corner and find a dude in power armor waiting to ventilate me with a massive nailgun.I shat bricks when I would accidentally knock over a bucket or chair in an empty room, jarringly interrupting the eerie silence with a startling noise.I shat bricks when Fettel started dropping massive mec...

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An Important Game 0

If I had to sum up this game in one word, it would be "important".Ninja Gaiden 2 is a breath of fresh air in a world of grey and brown filters and military fetishism. Similar to how Serious Sam & Painkiller showed up and laughed in the face of all the piss-easy, cinematic, shallow shooters, Ninja Gaiden 2 kicks down the door, slits the throat of all these action “games,” then nonchalantly flings the blood off its blades into a glorious splatter on the walls. The game is about timing…quick, p...

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