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Demon's Souls - Day 3

Today was rough.

Moving on from the Armor Spider, I got attacked by another one of those slave workers. He hit me once, and took off about 3/4 of my health. That can't be right, I thought. I then remembered a vendor in the middle of the dragon level selling some heavier armor which I couldn't buy then due to a lack of funds.

Cutting my way to the vendor wasn't any trouble at all, and the armor was bought.

Wait...I can't use these. Due to the weight of the armor, my dodging ability was seriously damaged. The dodge move was painfully slow and useless, so I put my regular armor back.

Then I thought that I should go to another level if that one was so hard, so I picked another one.

And the other one wasn't any easier.

"Alrighty then, I appear to have found some real difficulty in this game!" were my exact thoughts.

Onwards! I got past the slave by adjusting my strategy slightly and adding the idea of not getting hit, and it worked. Then some exploding stuff came barreling down from the left, so I decided to go the other way.

After tons of enemies and nothing interesting in particular, a dead end.

Towards the exploding stuff then. This problem got solved by just running past them before they got the chance to explode.

I found some new enemies, a bunch of flame-based creatures THAT DON'T DO ANYTHING AT ALL. I just walked up to them and cut them and then they died. The difficulty here is heartmelting. Some huge worms did pop out of the ground occasionally, which died after a single blast from my magic. All this was a long time of absolutely nothing interesting.

And the thing where I go to a direction, make it to a dead end, and turn back, happened WAY TOO MANY TIMES.

Eventually, I made my way to some tunnels, and this is where I fell in hate with the entire thing. The level design turned into a horrible labyrinth, and the enemies were these things:

Their attack was slow and even my little brother with his hands tied behind his back could have dodged them, but they took about a million hits to kill. Sure, hitting them from behind would have done more damage, but HOW THE HECK am I supposed to get behind them if I'm located in a tight tunnel with no space for navigation?

Okay, calming down, I did kill the dragon yesterday which also took a long while, I can get through this.

I killed it and moved on to find another one.
I killed that one and moved on to find another one.
I killed that one as well and moved on to find another one.

All while getting completely lost in this nonsensical maze of tunnels. Every direction led to a dead end or right back to the start of the maze. I ran around this place for quite a long time and finally figured that I'm probably missing something in this room:

I disposed of the flying enemies because they were weak and spent another billion hours or so 'fighting' those huge things.

Okay, that's done. I probably can't walk forward because that's all lava and that probably hurts. There's something to pick up on the right there, I should check that out...

But there was another one those big things there, and I had just turned the camera away to look the other way. He got behind me and hit me, and since I hadn't been healing because this entire trip was SO FREAKING SLOW AND BORING, I died.

Yup. I get to do this entire long trip again, fighting all those completely boring enemies again, and getting lost in this ridiculous maze all over again.

The difficulty is the least of my worries in this game, my problems so far are the weirdly unstable framerate (It chugged for a random 5 minute chunk) and completely F-grade level design. The first levels had great style to them and they were great to play through, so what the fudgemonkey is this garbage now?

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I'm going to a completely different level, screw the 15 000 or so souls that I left in the tunnel, I'm not going to fetch them.