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Demon's Souls - Day 4

  Yesterday, I spent several hours being lost in a tunnel.

After shutting the game off I learned via a helpful Youtube video that I didn't actually need to go through the whole long route that I did, and turning right (Which led me to a dead end yesterday) was the right thing to do.
Apparently the huge gaping hole at the dead end won't actually kill you if you jump down from it, so I did and after a few moments I had found my way to the boss of this level.

Meet the Flamelurker:

It's a big huge fire...thing. After yesterday's post, username Karkarov commented:

"But don't get cocky you still have maneater, flamelurker, false king, the entirety of world 5, and octopus men that eat your face."

Oh hey look! This guy is mentioned in his list! This is going to be tough!

The fight took place in a wide open space, so no chance for hiding and staying away like with the Tower Knight.
This boss seemed to have 4 different attacks.

1) Jumping towards you
2) Running towards you
3) Punching when he's close
4) Creating a random explosion around itself when it's close

I took off about 3/4ths of it's health on my 1st attempt. I ran into two issues. Firstly, my strategy was to dodge it's attack and then shoot it in the face, but I ran out of magic and had no mana restoring items with me.

And secondly, all the constant dodging (Flamelurker moves pretty fast) was a drain on the stamina meter, but I needed the stamina meter for dodging. This problem was also my doom because the boss got some hits in when I was too sloppy with the stamina, and if the boss gets a few hits in, you're dead.

Off I went to the hub in search of mana restoring items, and I came away with 7 of them. Then I messed with my inventory and made it so I could quickly switch between my life restoring and my mana restoring items with nothing else in between them.

Attempt 2.

Once again I took off about 3/4ths of Flamelurker's health, but once again the stamina meter screwed me over. I held my shield up the whole time and when the boss managed to hit me once, the stamina was gone, and I was unable to dodge away from it.

Likewise for attempt 3.

Attempt 4 was a success though. I tried to substitute dodging away with running away to conserve stamina, and it worked very well.

I still didn't find this boss particularly hard in the supposed hopeless "god-this-game-is-messed-up" sort of way. I just screwed up a few times.

After using the souls I won to increase my stamina meter, I moved on. There was a corridor, and after the corridor:

A huge f-ing dragon. Although it had a life bar, it wouldn't let me target it, so I figured that I probably don't have to fight it head on. Also, this thing's lifebar says it's the Dragon God, and that thing wasn't on the list of the supposed horrible deathtraps.

There was a pathway to the right which was occasionally blocked by stuff which could be destroyed by hitting it, so I walked on this path and got stomped to death by the dragon.

This happened quite a few times. I tried to figure out the rhythm the dragon uses for hitting the pathway and everything, but it seemed to be totally random. Then I just dashed through it without thinking and it worked. Next I found some kind of a device which shot an arrow on took off about half of the dragon's health. Okay, I see how this works. Now I'm on another pathway with some blockages in between and there's another arrow device there. The second one took off another chunk of health from the dragon, but it didn't kill it. The dragon just groaned and fell over with it's head right there on a pathway I can go to.

I walked up to it and now I could target it, and went in to attack it, but then it still showed some signs of life and spat some fire out. I got the hell away, figured out it's behavior with the fire and all, and won.

I would have been done for the day, but then I decided to check out Tower of Latria because it's there where the "octopus men that eat your face." live.

I went there, found one, killed it, meh'd, and was done for the day.