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Demon's Souls - Day 5

  Alright, Demon's Souls. I'm back in with your level design. The Tower of Latria is messed up, creepy and weird. The 'octupus men that eat your face' are actually pretty freaky because you can hear them from a while away, but can't see them. The octopus men aren't that hard to fight, if they managed to hit me once I was pretty much dead, but when I got to it first, it had no chance. So I sort of just rushed it and did a forward roll whenever it seemed to try something and didn't have a problem with them.

This seems to be some sort of a prison, because there are a lot of jail cells with people in them.

Deductive reasoning like whoa, son.



The atmosphere in this place is great, the octopus men are creepy, the prisoners are creepy, the sounds are creepy and  this whole place is creepy. I love it.

There were also some iron maidens there which gave me all sorts of useful items if I opened them, but one of them had a message in front of it that said "Poison precaution"

Oh and I just got a full set of armor which increases my poison resistance?

Is poison some sort of a thing here?

Then I found a prisoner who said he needed something from his body, as he had died at some point. Then I ran around the place a bit and fell down a pit.



I'll see you next time!