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Going directly from Uncharted to Uncharted 2 was a bad idea.

and NOT for the reason you might expect. 
Spoilers for the first hours of Uncharted 2 to follow. Spoilers for the entirety of Uncharted 1 to follow as well.
I got an offer I couldn't refuse. Uncharted AND Uncharted 2 for a price lower than just the original Uncharted costs in mosts stores in here.. Having still not played either of those, I immediately jumped in. 
Uncharted 1 is great. There was a lot of bitching about bulletspongy enemies when it came out, but I didn't see it at all. When enemies took a lot of hits, I was shooting them in their arms/legs anyway so I didn't really expect them to go down. The game also looks great. There's detail in the world most other games wouldn't even bother with. The characters are all great, Nathan Drake is a believable human being, and not a mindless killbot. I found the ZOMBIES plot twist near the end to be absolutely brilliant, and the final boss fight is against a dude with a shotgun who you have to fight with your BARE HANDS.
So...Uncharted 2 is the Assassin's Creed 2 of this series right? Everything that was good about the first one is now great, everything that was great is now superb and everything that was bad is now gone? I need to pop part 2 in right now.
So I did so, and what do I get? 
A painfully slow climb out of a train. Sure, the train is on fire and hanging over a cliff, but all I'm doing gameplay-wise is holding up on the analog stick and hoping that something is there he can climb on. The game clearly looks better, but that's basically all I'm getting out of this sequence.  Okay, it's slow because they are establishing how messed up this situation is, and because they need to tutorialize new players. Let's assume that.
Alright, done with that. 
Breaking into a museum? Awesome? Nope! More slow walking and slow jumping. 
There's a steamy pipe that needs to be switched off and I need to find a valve. I figured it's located whereever this ladder goes because I haven't been there yet, but after Drake jumped up and down in front of the ladder without climbing on, I realized it's just a goddamn wall texture that looks like a ladder to me.
Except that it's not a wall texture, that actually was a ladder, Drake just didn't feel like climbing on it. Of course I didn't realize this after running around the whole area for 30 minutes. After this part, I GET TO PLAY VELVET ASSASSIN! Yay! The worst kind of stealth imaginable! Game of the fucking year.  Then they tell me to find a box so I could switch off an alarm. After another few minutes of running around the room like an idiot, this problem was solved.
Now do it again! The box is directly above you, and you need to get up there. The only way to get up there is to climb up the only thing that looked like it couldn't be climbed. Everything else in the room that looks like a ledge won't hold you. Have fun!
You need to do this to get to SOME MORE VELVET ASSASSIN!
After all that shit is done, now you're in a jungle shooting bad guys. It's Uncharted 1 again!
I'm perfectly aware that this game is going to go in all sorts of crazy directions, but it couldn't leave a more boring first impression. Coming right off of Uncharted 1's crazy explosive conclusion, running around different rooms like a monkey looking for something interactive wasn't really something I wanted to do.