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My experience of trying to get into League of Legends.

I had zero experience with MOBA type games. I figured I really should at least try them out. League of Legends is free? Great!
The tutorial tells you how to move and attack, but tells you approximately bubkis about how to be good at an actual game. The fact that you can play games against the AI is great, because you can get familiar with the mechanics and the abilities of your chosen hero. I quickly felt like I got the basics down. As long as I was playing a ranged character, I didn't die much per game, and made good progress in my lane. 
I got into beginner level matches with other people who were new to this game and it was very fun. The game does a great job in making you feel useful even when all you're doing is killing the minions. If I wouldn't be here, they would just walk by, right? The feeling of doing something good for your team even when you're actually completely useless is an awesome thing for a multiplayer game to pull off, because it doesn't immediately discourage  people from at least trying it out. I got familiar with my hero's abilities and started using them in some cool ways. (If I use that knock-enemy-away ability while BEHIND the actual enemy, I can knock them into the firing range of my tower, yay!)
So, League of Legends is great. It's an interesting spin on a team based multiplayer game. I can easily see myself having this game installed forever and get a game or two in every few days.
But then I ended up in games against people who have played this game a bunch.
The League of Legends community I ran into was the worst group of people I know of. I'm a super patient person and I can tolerate an unhealthy amount of shit before I freak out, but dude, the people who play League of Legends and ended up in my game are terrible, completely disgusting excuses for a human being. I played several games so my sample size is pretty big, so I feel justified in saying this.
Note that I didn't suck in my games. I super-rarely gave anyone a reason to scream at me. 
95% of the time I got called names and hated on because I was low level without even getting a chance to play.
I got into a game, had 3 different people yell NOOOOOOB at me. Then the game started and I was the person who destroyed all the towers in the lane I chose at the start. Game ended with a win, and those same 3 people were still pissed off about the fact how they got shit noob people in their team.
The PvP button looks like the scariest thing ever at this point. If winning a game against an AI is still grounds of people telling you how you're absolute shit and should feel bad for playing the game, what the hell will happen in PvP games?
Fuck that.