Disregarding Taste: A Weekly Blog About Blogs (Second Edition)

 PLEASE READ THIS AND NOTE: These recommendations are from bookmarks made on my desktop. I also have bookmarks from my laptop and will "patch" those into the blog itself tomorrow because I don't feel like doing it now. I will make a note of which ones in a comment provided in the comments section for this blog. Hope you understand that this is only like 1/2ish of the blogs I intend to promote and 1/2ish of the blog itself. I'll also be patching in my Editorial, Schmeditorial and the list of users in 'Oh You Blog, Do You?' and the Writer's Corner section. Wanted to get something out for tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm sure you'll understand.  TUNE BACK IN IN TWENTY-FOUR HOURS TIME FOR THE FULL BLOG EXPERIENCE.

Disregarding Taste: A Weekly Blog About Blogs

 Mostly. Hello, my name is Nick... er, ververdan0226. I have come to you blog about blogs, a community spotlight of sorts. If you like it, tell me, if you don't, tell me as well. I'm not sure if I'm doing a shitty job or if I'm missing good blogs, so if you can give me any feedback or comments on this endeavor, that would be very much appreciated. Any similarities to The Community Spotlight Redux is entirely incidental. Without further ado, a wall of text... 


 As you may notice this week's blog is coming to you a week late... so uh, yeah. I think this might become bi-weekly though, ya know, for my sanity. I was a little less impressed with what I found over the last two weeks compared to what I found for my first edition, but that's to be expected because of the month's worth of back content I sifted through for my first. Which isn't to say there wasn't some good stuff because there certainly was. As I make progress with the blog, I will be adjusting the format a little and adding new sub-headers. For this week, I'm adding a couple new sub-headers. Editorial, Schmeditorial (name pending) is my brief attempt at doing a brief weekly blog myself, in which I can talk about what I want for a couple paragraphs. I'll see what you guys think. Housekeeping (the section I'm using right now) is exactly what it says that it is, a brief catch-up on  what I'm doing, how the blog is progressing and what I hope that you guys are doing. You will also notice that my witty sentences for each blog are going to be updated to be a witty couple of sentences, you know to say what I think and make sure that this blog isn't a simple link-a-thon. You can expect less blogs than the first edition, so that I can really determine what I think is quality and write a little more on what I feel about them. Topic of the Week will be updated to include both a gaming and non-gaming related topic to talk about. This Week In Controversy will be my attempt at using a sub-header to spotlight someone who had some... interesting remarks in either a blog or a forum post. Writer's Corner will be my attempt to find a writer with great thoughts and potential and hopefully provide some constructive feedback and encourage  them to blog even more. And finally, Video of the Week will be the most awkward/cute/whatever video from the preceding week that I can find for your viewing pleasure. As always, PLEASE, PLEASE PM ME YOUR BLOGS AND FEEDBACK AND CONTINUE TO WRITE. You guys are doing great, keep it up.  :)

Editorial, Schmeditorial


Topic of the Week- The Beatles and The Dreamcast

 Not many "submissions" per se, but there was certainly some good blogging going on around the community on these subjects. I love the Dreamcast. That is all, here are some blogs.
Well Red, a man can one day dream of playing the entire Beatles catalog. And man do I agree with you, such great songs that seem like very baffling omissions, but hey, their songs are plentiful and they need DLC. But it would certainly be nice to one day play them in the context of the game.  
A true gent. TEG reviews Beatles: Rock Band, a game that seems to have struck a chord with many an individual. I haven't played it yet, but my fond remembrances of The Beatles (I'm listening to Abbey Road as I type this) are only outweighed by my lack of money. Nonetheless, his review is good, as always. Check out his other work... he's featured in the 'Oh You Blog Do You?' section of this blog.
Again, great to hear! A pseudo review/ impressions piece from user Hobbies. Thanks for sharing man.
I spotlight anybody's blog, no matter how short. A brief Dreamcast retrospective from CoolDrMoney. It's been very cool to see so many people think fondly back on the days of the Dreamcast... What have you become Sega?
It's a shame you missed out on it Dalai. The Dreamcast was a great system. Too bad you missed out on it.  :(  Though hey, I heard there's some cool site called giantbomb.com that has some videos up on them or something like that. Those guys seem pretty cool. (NOTE: Dalai can be found in the 'Oh You Blog, Do You?'  section of this spotlight.)

Gaming Corner

 Again... Lies, Lies. I haven't yet been graced by a playthrough of Mass Effect, but this man makes a compelling case on why you shouldn't replay it again. Agree? Disagree? (P.S. I know that this is old, but whattevs.)
Again this is old, but whatevs. I continue not to discriminate against age. A... interesting blog on the true nature of the Wii HD from user Pepsiman.
An interesting look back on Neverwinter Nights. I never got to play it, but maybe I should. I should look into that. Meanwhile, RelentlessKnight offers up an interesting piece on the game. Give it a read.
Br3adfan has a Bread Basket and I don't know what more I can say. It's a good read as always, and I hope he does another one, if only for the bread recipes.
Well, I have a PS3, but maybe you can relate. User Sunjammer offers up a blog on achievement addiction. Can

Movie Corner

Hey, Bruce even moonlights as a movie reviewer. He knocks off many movies in quick succesion. You should visit it, good stuff. (NOTE: Starting this week you can also find Bruce in the 'Oh You Blog, Do You?' section of this blog.)

Music Corner

Do I even have to mention every single thing that Bruce blogs about?? No, I don't, so just read it anyway because it's some great stuff about music. Keep it up man. (NOTE: Starting this week you can also find Bruce in the 'Oh You Blog, Do You?' section of this blog.)
A little more context and information provided would have been nice. But I want to use CL60's blog on his 10  favorite bands as a stepping stone for one of my topics this week. You'll see what I mean later and the blog certainly got some interesting chime-ins from people who wished to voice their 10 favorite bands. What about you??

Cultural Corner 

Oh God... dude, I dare you. I couldn't do it, but maybe you can? It certainly seems good and Suicrat certainly seems to discuss his points well in this article on legal tender, but... wow. Feel free to discuss it, or not. I'm just gonna go cry in a corner and remind myself that this is giantbomb.com.
Well, best of luck with that. It was sad to hear a bunch of people coming out of PAX got a little sick, Swine Flu or otherwise. Hobbies shares his experiences with the 'killer' swine flu of last year.
*slaps face* Shoot it mods, just... pull the trigger. Just. Pull. It.
Do nice guys really finish last. What do you think GiantBomb community? J olly_Lolly offers up a pretty interesting blog that I definitely feel you should check out He definitely proposes some interesting questions.  :)

Oh You Blog, Do You?


This Week In.... Controversy


Writer's Corner


Video of the Week



 Gaming Topic- TGS! Predictions, thoughts, recap of announcements, likelihood of Persona 5 being announced, why you don't give a shit about the Tokyo Game Show. Talk about in a blog.
Off-Topic Topic- What are your favorite bands of all time? Please discuss in a very well-written blog post and share with the community.