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I wrote this... putting it here for safekeeping.  :) 
  Fuck, where do I start.  
I could write an essay of what's fucked up with humanity, why opinion is the simultaneous salvation and destruction of man, what exactly human nature is, why Magnolia is the best film ever made, why Shadow of the Colossus changed my perception of games, why Led Zeppelin is my favorite band of all time and helped me through the loss of a family member, what things I hate about people on a daily basis, what I want to do with my life, why love isn't really love anymore, why what David Cage is trying to do for games is one of the most sink-or-swim attempts in gaming, why my new girlfriend perfectly complements me as and individual, intellectual and personality, why small dogs are better than large dogs, why store- bought bagels are sooooo much worse than fresh bagels, why I don't have as many friends as I'd like and yet am still living the most fulfilling life possible, why America is turning into a bunch of consumerist  idiots who no longer think about the actual issues, why Japan is probably the best place to live on Earth, why Disney World will destroy the human species, why I don't want kids, why I think abortion is okay, why a long walk through the woods is the best thing possible, why humanity is so lazy, why cookie-dough is the best type of ice cream, why pie is better than cake, why I never friends growing up, why I'll never reach my lofty goals for life and yet keep them in my wallet on a regular basis, why much of modern science is fundamentally changing the way we live our lives for the worst, why games are artistic, what my favorite bands are, why, gamasutra and bitmob are the only gaming sites I visit nowadays, why the very idea of religion is stupid, why aliens exist, why I would kill myself before working a 9-5 job, why I show such pride in these writings, why i believe in Fate even when I don't believe in God, why rap destroyed modern music, why I plan to never use a credit card so long as I can, why critical analysis these days in any medium is so up it's own ass, why people murder each other, why I plan to never have kids, why marriage is unnecessary, why my stepdad represents everything I don't wanna be, why I have to read more, why Wikipedia is the greatest thing ever invented, why evolution is not a theory and why the egg came before the chicken.
That's all I got for now. :P  So, is that what you were talking about? Stuff like that??