Hype- Ruining My Favorite Pasttime And Diluting Something I Love

 NOTE: This started as a forum post, but it got bigger than I anticipated. I hope you read it and debate with me, please don't let its size turn you off.  :)
PRELIDE: Opinion is the nature of the world, and yet people can't accept that. Thousands of years of development and we still haven't realized what an opinion is. It's why we have wars, it's why we have feuds. That's not to say those things don't come as a direct reuslt of other misconduct and mitigating factors, but people can't accept that they might not be right. It's human nature. I understand that,but it is certainly very frustrating. It's happened to me a couple times, but I'd like to feel that I'm trying to make myself better than it. Please read on.
BLOG: It absolutely disgusts me to see how up in arms people get about the quality of a game and feel they have to resent because of a lot of positive hype, case in point Uncharted 2. I know I'll get a lot of flak for this, and deservedly so, I welcome it, but people are fucking idiots when it comes to getting excited for a game. There's some strange precedent out there that if a game has, say, over 90 on Metacritic before release, you all of a sudden have to get skeptical. People can just never be happy and it's absolutely fucking pathetic. I don't see why people have to bad mouth the game before it comes out. The games media is giving us their opinion, that doesn't mean you should have to follow that opinion or be skeptical. Just go into the game expecting a solid game because others not recommended, not preparing to be disappointed. It's a fucking game, be happy about it and revel in the fact that a bunch of men and women put in a lot of hard effort to make the best game possible, even if that's not ultimately the case for the final product.
To go a little deeper, the thing that is fundamentally wrong with critical analysis throughout any medium these days is the mentality that you have to go in to try and find faults. Everybody loves Psychonauts, but going into the game not a lot of people were hyped for it at all, save a few. If 24 game critics told you  Psychonauts was one of their top 10 games of all time, people would all of a sudden have to become skeptical and go in looking for faults and maybe it wouldn't be so loved because people would find any little thing that's wrong and not simply be pleasantly surprised. The whole problem (wow this is going deeper than I anticipated) with the Internet, and especially these "fanboy" type characters, is that everything is a glass half-empty situation. People can't be satisfied. We live in a culture of pessimistic and pissy people who feel like their entitled to something
The thing is, the ideal situation would be a developer reveals a game three months before it comes out, little of this nonsense called "hype" is established and people get the game and form their own opinions, not be so pissy about those of others. But that's simply not feasible. You have to establish a fanbase and get advertising and marketing out there. Could a game, a AAA game like God of War III, simply bypass reviews so as to avoid all this hype? That would be nice, but the answer is no. Because then people would have to form their own opinions on a game and not being able to make themselves feel better by trying to justify that a person is somehow wrong. God forbid. It is absolutely, one hundred percent a can't win situation these days. It's a problem with all media these days, though more so games. And the Internet has continually fueled this at the expense of the consumer and pure fun. It does so through anonymity and pessimism and people who are so simple-minded that they can't even try to contemplate it in the least like I am attempting to do 
Reading about games isn't fun any more because of all this nonsense. I continually try to convince myself that I want all this games coverage, but I don't want this. It proves how pathetic humanity actually is that we put ourselves through all this type of critical analysis and nonsensical details. Reading GB is about as much as I can convince myself to care any more, increasingly so everyday, and yet I'd still love to read games media. However, the fact is these days, the only place I can usually go to avoid these stupid comments is the podcasts nowadays. People are a bunch of idiosyncratic, up their own ass, pissy little people, at least on the Internet because it brings out the worst in them. The hype, review, sequel previews, more hype and review process is tiring me out. All because of this fucking pessimism that comes as a result of hype and the Internet. Just play games people, it's a fucking hobby. It's nice to dissect them and look at them more critically here and there, but not if we're gonna approach it like this.It only serves to heighten my distaste (albeit it a little) for a hobby that I so deeply treasure and wish to discuss with you guys. Don't destroy it by ruining my impressions of you with nonsensical threads about hype and why you're entitled to something. It pisses me the fuck off.
EPILOGUE: This is my opinion, it is by no means right. Feel free to argue with me, but please do it in a respectful manner. I welcome open discussion, so don't simply call me a twat if you disagree with me and move on, talk about it. Give examples of why I'm an ignorant jackass for writing this, don't just outright tell it to me. We're not cavemen.
P.S. Sorry if I rambled and got redundant, this isn't the best writing in the world, but I feel it expresses my views in a reasonably on point post. I think my point is still clear (somewhere hidden within that monster post) about what I feel. Again, this is my opinion and some people will possibly attack me about it, but maybe that just serves to prove my point on this whole people can't accept that no one view is right. Saying that a person's opinion is wrong is stupid. I hope you made your way through it and even if you don't agree with me, do me the courtesy of respecting that it's mine.