My Life Goals (Inspired By A Thread In These Forums)

 Just call this My Name Is Earl (minus the terrible deeds before a coma.)
 1. Start a website... not like a po-dunk little blog, like a legitimate site
2. No drinking/drugs (nothing against you guys, I just don't do that, though I am perfectly fine with people having alcohol and marijuana in reasonable doses)
 3. Move to Canada or Japan
 4. Learn both Japanese and Italian
5. Write... anything, a website, a book, a magazine... whatever 
6. Learn some programming and maybe create a couple indie games in my spare time... I'm fascinated by that
7. Marry young
8. Never have kids
9. Read more, learn more... books, poetry, Wikipedia, novels, history books, I just wanna be as well-rounded an individual as is possible
10. Explore the world... go on a trip, have fun 
11.  My primary interests right now are web development, journalism, and world history... see where that leads  :) 
12. Eat an exotic meat
13. Forever escape the obesity and consumerism that is American culture
14. Never, ever have a 9-5 job
15. Always remain faithful to a person that I love... the way I see people jump from relationship to relationship these days disgusts me. I wanna find someone I truly love and be the best person I can be (as cheesy as that sounds)
16. Appreciation for artistry... I don't know, expand my musical tastes, take a painting class, anything.
Pretty lofty and idealistic, huh? Reality will set in soon enough, but just coming up with that list has inspired me. I'll do my best to stick by it. I'm gonna print it out and keep it with me. Thanks for the thread that gave me this inspiration JonathanMoore. Honestly, it  let me get some of my feelings out there. I will add more in the future.