Vextroid GOTY 2014

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  • This game just left me speechless by the end of it.

    I never played the original DS games when they came out and never gave the series a look until deciding to download the Dual Destinies demo on 3DS. After enjoying what it offered I looked up where I can purchase the full game when I noticed the first 3 games were available for iOS. Thinking it would be better to start from the beginning (and being cheaper too) I purchased it and chipped away at the cases in bed or on long commutes and I just ended up being enthralled with the cases, characters and the universe of the series. While at times some of the mysteries were obvious on where it was going a lot of the times it was well wrapped up and seeing how it all played out was just awesome and great surprise to see. The whole over arching story and the ending, man that ending is... Bridge to a Turnabout will be forever burned into my mind.

    Also the music is some of the best game music I have ever heard. The Steel Samurai theme will never leave my mind.

  • Video games have not been to kind to South Park so the bar has been set pretty low for a new South Park game to be even decent. But this game is just so god damned fantastic, as a fan of South Park it just hits all the right notes of matching the tone and style of the show while being a great playing RPG. The story and writing is superb and the characters are just like they are in the show.

  • A very interesting take on an established series and it may be the best. It boils down everything to the core essentials of solving the puzzle of getting from area to area, getting close to your target in an efficient manner.

    But man some of those challenges... “There is no freaking way this can be done in 14 moves game! No way! You lie!”

  • Like I said about Call Of Duty AW, its the faster free flowing movement of the player that just makes this an absolute blast to play. Wall running across a building then boost jumping to a rooftop, taking out an enemy sniper pilot, then landing on a titan and shooting its weak point then jumping into an open window, through a corridor out the other window where your Titan is waiting for you. Speaking of the Titans, being able to summon these giant powerful but still fragile machines every so often and either getting in to fights with other titans or clear out areas of AI which also smartly count towards the overall score (good for new comers) keeps things moving and entertaining.

  • This is simply the best Call Of Duty has been in years (especially after the misstep that was Ghosts). While much of the core game play is still the same, it's the exo-suits and just the movement options you get with them that change enough to fell like you have more control on where you can go and approach areas and fire-fights. Also Kevin Spacey.

  • I never have enough controllers for friends so we can play multiplayer games (apart from Rock Band hardware) and even when I do, low/no batteries. So being able to have all of us whip out our phones and be playing with in seconds is just awesome. It also helps that the games included are well designed and entertaining. Low entry for a high payoff.

  • Geoms, Geoms everywhere...

  • 3. Wolfenstein The New Order

    I wasn't expecting much from this. I never really followed the Wolfenstein games outside of 3D and while I was expecting some fantasy Nazi killing experience, what I got instead was a fantasy Nazi killing experience with heart and style. The shooting was fun and satisfying (dual-wield auto-shotguns) and a really interesting and intricate story with fully realised and interesting characters. Which is quite an achievement to be able to do that with B.J Blazkowicz who, in the past, was just an empty cipher for the player with no meaningful or distinguishing traits. Now he is a well rounded character with emotions, motivation and faults and you want to see him and his fellow members succeed.

  • I am a huge fan of this series and even as some who can handle the control style of the older games, it's just great to finally have an entry that just plays so beautifully. Sneaking around a truly open area and being able to take different paths each play-through and potentially having different events happen all while just in total control . On the story side, while being a fan of the series Peace Walker is my one blind spot so I wasn't to taken in by the story (as I don't really know who Paz and Chico are) but it still psyched me up for Phantom Pain.

  • I didn't grow up with an NES so I don't have any reverence with the original (I have played it years later on emulators and have enjoyed it) but just the way this game is put together is absolutely fantastic the physics of the platforming, the sublime music and just the wonderful art and animation that I just love out of WayForwards games. It's just all so charming that I can't help but love it.