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Every day that goes by I think of Ryan Davis and how his voice helped me go to sleep at night. I fucking miss that guy.

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Giant Bomb Review Predictions #1

I would like to start a blog on predicting Giant Bomb's upcoming review scores. I seem to be really quite good at it, and it's fun when I'm right which seems to be 100% of the time. So let's see if I'm talented on the spot with this.
The game to start this whole thing up is going to be Tekken 6. So here I go.

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Firstly, I have watched Jeff play Tekken for years. He's a great player. A fantastic player even. For someone who spends all their time around video games it seems he wouldn't have the time to be so good at Tekken. He clearly has passion for this franchise and will clearly be the one to review this title. I don't like Tekken. The flow of the combat is a bit strange to me, and the learning curve is awkward. I never have had a connection with any of the characters or the games visual style. But a lot of people love this series. Jeff is one of those people. Without question in my mind this game will get a 4-5/5.
There is a possibility of a 4/5, but I am really not seeing it. The game looks like it's evolving enough to warrant the perfect score. 
I was wrong on this one, but I'm glad Jeff finally gave a Tekken game a mediocre score, so I win either way.
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Next up is the WWE video game series, "Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010". I love these games. Lately they have been GOD awful though. 2008 was rehash and 2009 was as well. 2010 seems to be adding CRAZY cool creation tools. I'm very tempted to buy the game myself after seeing such interesting concepts in the quick look. Jeff clearly enjoyed himself from what I viewed and it's clear fans of these games are going to love it. You can still see flaws in the games presentation but it seems like it's offering a lot of improvement and innovation. If Jeff reviews this game it will get a 3-4/5
A 3/5 is possible, I didn't get to see all of the quick look, but Jeff really seemed to enjoy what he was doing. Especially with Good Old Jim Ross.
Correct with this review. Was hoping it would have gotten a higher score.