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Every day that goes by I think of Ryan Davis and how his voice helped me go to sleep at night. I fucking miss that guy.

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Why is Ed Boon such a dick?

In the grand scale of things, Ed Boon makes pretty good games. Mortal Kombat has always been a fairly average series that has survived for years. MK9 is probably his magnum opus. It's beautiful, it's fun and it makes sense for this generation of gamers, as well as previous. But it's always the little things that kill my respect for Mr. Boon. 
1. The Kung Fu Achievement 
Really? DO I even have to explain myself here? 24 Hours of playtime each character. I guess one thing Boon doesn't realize is how disposable games are these days. We don't play games anymore like we played them in 94-98. This achievement sucks, and I hope no one bothers wasting their time getting it. 
2. These DLC Costumes 
They really aren't that great, but for collectors -- they are golden. I know one guy who scored every costume, and he felt satisfied afterwards. It was quite the achievement because it's an investment, and there are multiple ways of getting a hold of these said costumes. 
3. Scorpion Ass-Kissing 
The DLC statue/bookend thing, the main menu, the story mode -- it never ends. Ed Boon consistently rides Scorpion's tip despite being a fairly average, irrelevant character.  
4. Challenge Tower 
It's ridiculous. 
5. MK VS. DC 
6. Story Tutorials 
Anyone play Deception? 
I got more, but I'm literally making myself sick thinking about Ed Boon.