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Every day that goes by I think of Ryan Davis and how his voice helped me go to sleep at night. I fucking miss that guy.

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Why is Xbox Live STILL $50?

Let's break down some of those Xbox Live benefits: 

  • Deal of the Week (or, day? I forget)
  • Private Chat (even though this can be used on a silver account)
  • Demos (something that doesn't cost a penny on PSN)
  • Party Chat (is this free on silver?)
  • Netflix (never use)
  • Social Networking (never use)
  • Playing games online (this has always been ridiculous to me, especially when Uncharted 2, Rock Band 2,  Metal Gear Online, Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5 and LittleBigPlanet are free of charge to play on my PS3)
I'm not flat out saying Xbox Live is not worth the money. I just want to know how it is worth the price of admission. Why should I let Microsoft constrict me like a hungry snake? Why would anybody be charging crazy prices in this bad time? With Live and all this add-on content -- I feel overwhelmed by DLC on just ONE platform alone. I don't want to hear about how the quality and variety of Xbox Live totally dominates PSN because nobody uses 80% of what Xbox Live offers. It just seems like all those different features are there to negate people complaining about the cost of Xbox Live.