People I HATE in the Gaming Industry

When you're so involved  with a single business you are more likely than not to hate a few people in the given business. I hate these people in this gaming industry of ours:

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  • This guy has got to be one of the most boring individuals in the business. He lacks charisma, character and speaking power making him a sleeper at those ninety minute press conferences.

  • Does anybody take this lunatic seriously anymore? He praises his game, he hates on his game, he praises his game, he hates on his game... when does it end? He's a great speaker, but he's very deceitful and it's hard to trust anything this man says.

  • Well... he's the father of the Zune.

  • This guy acts like he's Walt Disney himself. He also has the strangest man boobs I've ever seen.

  • He's there for the kids and he's good at what he does, but I can't stand his sycophant personality.

  • Read any of his reviews and watch any of his videos.

  • Yes, he made Mortal Kombat, but I just don't like how dead his personality seems on the stage or in an interview. He's uninteresting and shallow and makes poor development choices in every game I've played in his portfolio.