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Every day that goes by I think of Ryan Davis and how his voice helped me go to sleep at night. I fucking miss that guy.

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Disturbingly under-appreciated by casuals and hardcore alike. Thankfully tournament scenes are beginning to notice. 0

DOA5 came out almost a year ago after a 7-year hiatus most likely due to company issues and the leave of Team Ninja leader, Tomonobu Itagaki. So it was a big surprise that DOA5 ever came out at all with a loss of interest from the community and a steady decline of 3D fighters. Despite this, Team Ninja has managed to squeeze out a great new installment that is developed with the intentions of being a hardcore fighter that casuals can also enjoy with the inclusion of amazing visuals, animation and...

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An American Tradtion Redefined 0

   Mortal Kombat is a fighting video game franchise that has been slowly slipping off of every fighting game fan’s radar, up until now. With the last two releases — Mortal Kombat: Armageddon and Mortal Kombat VS. DC, the series really fell off a cliff after leaving its original roots of gory brutality and slow, strategical combat. But at E3 2010, that changed. Creative director Ed Boon decided to reboot the franchise, bringing the franchise back to its old fashioned glory.    Mortal Kombat...

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Too Much Gum 0

   Duke Nukem Forever is out, the reviews are in and the game — failed. Miserably. The game is certainly playable, though it plays like a game made seven or eight years ago, even looking so in 2011. After playing through this messy frat-boy adventure, I came to the conclusion that “it will get better.” Duke is not dead, even  after a shoddy, ugly messy entry that should have been released years ago so that it could have possibly had a chance at shining on last generation consoles.        T...

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A scary package for Team Ninja fans... 0

 Not many people can attest to liking the Extreme Beach Volleyball franchise from Team Ninja, a reason behind this is the shallow mechanics and lack of real motivation for an everyday player to coexist with the game's concept and reason for replay value. If you are a fan of the series like myself you play the game for three reasons: the graphics, the characters and the collecting. If you're not a fan of the Dead or Alive girls, you're done right there; no need for the frivolous boob mechanics or...

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There Will Be Purple Essence 0

Last year Ninja Gaiden 2 was released to not so stellar least not compared to its predecessor Ninja Gaiden. Despite the disappointing reviews fans were amazed by the amounts of blood they could pile up on the screen in one battle, and the impressive variety of weapons that featured many unique throws and combos to keep your ninja fix for a very long time.It was of no surprise that Team Ninja announced a recreation of Ninja Gaiden 2 earlier in the year as the company has a tendency t...

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Other than Jeff's review,same old no new is awesome! 3

First of all I'm not even going to talk about the breasts or the Star Wars characters everyone knows those are both in tact.Even people that may not be fans of Soul Calibur games.But Soul Calibur succeeds in many areas.I think the first thing people will notice when they play SC4 is the beautiful visuals and breathtaking endings.THAT ARE NOT PRE-RENDERED!There are some truly beautiful stages and some amazing characters that all look great.The breasts are huge on most female characters but they l...

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Fans of the DOA Girls Will Be Floored 0

Anyone remember Dead or Alive Xtreme 1?It was a great game featuring volleyball,pool hopping and addictive collecting.O yeah it also has something else,great looking girls in bikinis.Zack some how manages to trick the lovely ladies of DOA into coming to a restored Zack Island yet again, but this time around it's pumped with steroids and tons of different things to do, even if the game is generally basic. All the girls return to the Island including the addition of Kokoro from DOA4.You have a lot...

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DOA4 is an amazing fighter in every way possible. 0

DOA has always been a great fighting franchise that always seems to change with the times with every installment,without losing anything players loved about the previous entry's to Tecmo's Life Saver.Though you may not see it at first DOA 4 improves on DOA Ultimate in every way possible,other than number of costumes,and if you are a devote to the series,you have to own this game.People who are not fighting fanatics are probably going to get there ass handed to them,but will eventually learn the ...

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It's sad to see a potential masterpiece pushed out the door. 0

First I'm just going to say as a huge HUGE long time Team Ninja fan.This is the most dissapointing game I have ever played from them.Ninja Gaiden 2 is a revenge story filled with blood bath animations,amazing weapons and so and so graphics.Now a lot of revenge stories can be very well done and interesting.Sadly Ninja Gaiden 2's isn't.There is no depth at all to any of the characters.Thankfully there are some cool cut scenes involving the new Team Ninja babe Sonia.Let's get right down to what mak...

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