Games I'd Consider Video Reviewing/Quick Looking/Whatever-ing

I've worked out how to record video at a decent quality. I've learned my way around video editing programs and broadcasting software. I've confirmed basic microphone technique. I've even come up with a name for a video review feature (or, rather, @mento came up with the idea and I said "That sounds cool"*). Now all that's left is bringing it all together into something.

But what? Well, here are a few examples. I'll mark what specifically I'd do with it, because that's what you do with these types of things.

*And then I came up with a better name and I'm doing that instead.

List items

  • Video Review. It's not a well-known game (as Japan-only releases tend to be), but it's a good one that I wish more people knew about. Plus there's enough visual variety on display that it would probably make for an easy video review.

  • A very short Quick Look. Again, visual variety is key (notice a theme running through this?), and it's easy enough to record that I could do whatever the hell I want with it.

  • Video Review. I know. We all know. I REALLY don't like this game. But I feel like I need to capture it on video so that future generations will know of its crimes. Plus everything I said about LSD, since most of this game is just walking around and talking to NPCs.

  • Video Review. Hey, look at that: first game that doesn't get on the list for visual variety. Also, the first game on the list that isn't a game. So why is it here, again? Because this is a series of shooters that is criminally overlooked. That is all.

  • Video Review. Same exact reasons as Aleste.

  • Video Review. I'd make this Cocoron, but somehow, I think this is the less well known game, specifically because it's not Japan only.

    Fun fact: I actually tried doing a video review of this, but none of the footage was even close to usable.

  • Video Review. Hey, look at that: I remembered that I compiled notes on some of my games in the event that I'd video review them. Who'd've thunk it?

  • Video Review. I'm guessing because of all the cool characters and swordplay? And how close it is to a Shin Megami Tensei game?

  • Video Review. I guess.

  • Video Review. Given how visual the gameplay is, yea, I can see this working.

  • Video Review. Your guess is as good as mine.

  • Video Review. Good fucking luck with that.

  • Video Review. It's a really short game, meaning it should be easy to record, and there's a lot that I could riff on for a decent video review.

  • Quick Look. There aren't enough of these on the list, so I thought I'd include this. Enough material to talk about AND knowledgeable on the subject. Sounds like it could be a disaster.

  • Quick Look. We all know I'm the Fire Emblem expert 'round these parts, so why not show off the first game in the series? (Maybe because I'd be forced to let characters die instead of resetting when they do.)

  • Quick Look. This one sounds weird, but I think the ideas I have for it will be both enlightening and incredibly fucking stupid.

  • Video Review. Because you guys need to know just what the hell this is, even if it is Japan only.


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So I'd have to make my own video review to counter your anti Haunting Starring Polterguy bias?