Games I Either Wasn't Able to or Won't be Able to Review Because of a Lack of Windowed Mode

Alright, I know that this is an incredibly specific list to make, but I've encountered it too many times for it not to go listed. And I know that it sounds petty, but I have my reasons for preferring windowed mode over full screen. For example:

  • What if I get stuck? I may want to get a walkthrough up and running.
  • I prefer to type out my notes instead of writing them out.
  • A lot of games don't have music, so mayhap I wish to blast some Tear Ring Saga tunes.
  • More often than not, going fullscreen fucks up the window space on my other programs, angering the obsessive-compulsive within me.

So here they are: the games I haven't gotten around to because of their selfish screen hogging tendencies. If one of these actually appears in a blog at some point, understand that everything about it was a painful mess, regardless of the actual quality of the game.

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