Games I Have Gotten for Free

I'm pretty sure making this list will kill any future chances of getting free games. So why am I doing this? Because LOOK AT HOW MANY GAMES PEOPLE HAVE SIMPLY GIVEN ME FOR NO REASON! But first, a few rules:

  • No games that are distributed for free. I'm looking your way, Spelunky. (However, games that were only temporarily free totally count.)
  • No games that I've borrowed. I think you should know why.

List items

  • Yet another game from mosdl, and yet another game I can't even run.

  • jdh5153 just dumped it on me via a random PM, and I cannot refuse something like...anything, really. I accepted Rijn, for god sake. What WON'T I take?

  • Headin dropped a code for it in a Scoops and the Wolf chat, and I grabbed the fuck out of it. So hooray for that.

  • Wait, didn't I already play this? Why, ZatoJawed, did I nab this in the same Scoops and the Wolf chat? I am an idiot. That's why.

  • MysteriousFawx was giving it away on the forums, and this is already sounding sexual, isn't it? It's not sexual, you guys. At all.

  • Resident mod mraccoon was giving away copies of Spelunky. I signed up. Somehow, I ended up getting this game instead. Go figure.

  • One night, GreggD hit me up, saying, "You want some weird bullet hell shooter?" And then this happened:

  • Lenny was giving it away on the forums, and I got it. This has nothing to do with prostitution.

  • AlisterCat proffered it unto me that I might know how the Earth sees my Kingdom.

  • Drive-by giveaway, courtesy of GreggD.