Pages I wish I could make, but for whatever reason, can't.

I think the title explained everything I need to explain: I want to make these pages, but can't. Maybe it'd be deleted immediately, or get a long thread in Delete/Combine ending with mraccoon deleting it, or hell, there may be no basis for these pages. Whatever. It'd still be awesome if these became actual concepts on the site, but it's not gonna happen.

It may not be a lot, but I'll add more over time, assuming that I become more involved in the wiki.

List items

  • The Page: Howard Philips (Game Master of Nintendo). <p>


    This guy was pretty important to early Nintendo, if retsupurae is any indication, but I can't find a single game to credit him to. He worked for Nintendo, but apparently, not on any games.

  • The Page: Manually Drawn Animal Buttholes. <p>

    As seen in: Costume Quest, Bahamut Lagoon. <p>


    Do I need to say it?

  • The Page: Japanese Mush Mouth. <p>

    As seen in: Famicom Tantei Club: Part II, Snatcher, Babysitting Mama, Samurai Shodown. <p>


    OK, this one will take some explaining, but go watch Jeff and Ryan take care of their baby. Watch Mama say the word "great" (or, more accurately, "gwate"). Notice how her mouth flaps open about 90 times for a one syllable word? That's Japanese Mush Mouth. It's a subjective and weird name that would probably get deleted immediately. (Oddly enough, Babsitting Mama is an odd application of this concept, since the Japanese word for "great" is only three syllables.)

  • The Page: Moving Spiked Objects Stopped by Hitting Them. <p>

    As seen in: Valis II, Last Alert, quite a few 2D Zeldas. <p>


    Again, clunky-ass name, but even if you get past that, I still have the feeling that this would get deleted quickly. Maybe it's a tone thing.