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Things My Temple of Elemental Evil Level 10 Party Could Beat Up

The inspiration for this list: basically, Mento made this exact same list for his party, and since we were in competition with our Elemental Evil blogs (let's just say that the underdog comment will prove more true than he could ever imagine), I figured that I'd make a list for my level 10 party, too. Like Mento's list, this is in ascending order of difficulty.

List items

  • I meant to say Mento's party, but sure, why not? Your mind games mean nothing to a Cone of Cold!

  • Hell, this is how Issril starts her days.

  • Actually, since they've spent the last third of the game doing this, it seems rather redundant. Still, I feel it must be iterated.

  • Simple: load up Neutralio with twelve Grease spells, and silence GLaDOS so she can't load up the neurotoxin. Then her mighty Wand of Teleport would be mine.

  • Through sheer embarrassment, of course.

  • Unlike Mento, I have actual video evidence: . Beat that, Nietzsche!

  • Issril can just load up on Prayers and hope that she gets lucky with the poison.

  • But first, they'd need to loot...

  • A lucky pickpocket would render him utterly useless.

  • A Vrock is just as good as Tinybeak, and both games are equally glitched.

  • Actually, this one scares me. It would present more character development and better fight scenes than my own Let's Play could ever offer. Also, better boss music.

  • Well, if Bushwald Sexyface had enough Potions of Enlarge Person...

  • One well-placed Grease spell would take him down in no time.

  • ...Maybe someday, but not now.