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Although good alone, the game is MUCH stronger with friends. 0

On February 9th, 2004, Square Enix released a Final Fantasy game on the Gamecube, making it the first time a Final Fantasy game has been released on a Nintendo console in about a decade. However, it's not really what fans have been hoping for. Despite this minor falter, this game is definitely worth a purchase. Read on to find out why. However, I will only be reviewing the single player campaign because I couldn't find anyone to play with. The gameplay tries to differentiate itself from the mai...

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Nothing has changed since X, but not much was good to begin with. 0

Thirteen years ago, Mega Man was in quite a dilemma. But fortunately, he got right out of it with Mega Man X, a fresh platformer that did away with the cutesy look and gave him an gruff, techno feel. It was a nice change from the 8 bit escapades of his youth. Two years later, he has a sequel TO a sequel, and he’s gotten so very stale so very quickly. Seeing as how this game has almost nothing to give over it's earlier installments, it's sad seeing this series decline. Of course, the gameplay is...

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Great follow up to the first, improving upon its original concept 0

If you haven't gotten this game, get it. Many of the flaws of the old game were fixed and what wasn't broken got a cementing and some new features to further richen the experience. It just feels like this generation's Final Fantasy VII in every way, save graphics and gameplay, the latter being better than the Playstation RPG. One of the most noticeable parts of the game is the gameplay. Like most Square Enix games, you'll embark on a perilous quest to in the end save the world. Along the way re...

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The right way to make a 3D Sonic, even if it is technically 2D. 0

It seems that with every major Sonic game of this generation, the quality declines a bit. The 3D games are broken and just plain too easy and seem to be rehashes while the 2D ones are great but almost always overlooked. But finally, one Sonic game combines the great gameplay of the 2D's with the notoriety of the 3D games. That game is Sonic Rush. Where to begin, where to begin. The gameplay is a blast from the past. It ditches almost all the innovations of the new games in favor of the old game...

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Not many changes from the past, but the ones made aren't good. 0

If you're new to the series of Fire Emblem, let me educate you before you read any further. This series started off in Japan as a strategy RPG, with the first installment following Marth on his quest to destroy the Dark Dragon Medeus. Since this game was succesful, Nintendo made a sequel. Sort of. Fire Emblem Gaiden was more RPG-y. After an SNES remake, the series got it's LTTP in Seisen no Keifu. Due to this one's success, a harder sequel was made. Then Roy, most famous for his Super Smash Bros...

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Innovative gameplay system and a surprisingly dark storyline. 0

Mario, of Nintendo fame, has become the Renaissance man of video games. He has appeared in almost every genre from platformers to sports games and even RPG’s. His latest game, Super Paper Mario, blends the plumber’s platforming roots and RPG-style gameplay in such a way that no game before it can claim to have done. The game starts with Mario and Luigi starting a journey to rescue Peach from Bowser. However, Bowser is not the culprit this time, and Mario ends up involved in a quest to stop the ...

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A two faced game with an awful first half and a great second one. 0

Many games in the era before 3D remained region exclusive. This is a real tragedy, as the entire world would have to wait until the advent of emulation and ROMs before they could experience true classics like the NES RPG Final Fantasy III, the SNES tactical-RPG Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and perhaps the most famous example, the job-system-centric RPG Final Fantasy V. However, not every title to stay confined in a single gaming region is a gem. Some are just of average quality. One su...

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A pretty good remake with an interesting expansion. 0

Perhaps one of Capcom’s best known series, Mega Man has graced almost every system. In fact, most major consoles can be guaranteed two things: a few Madden titles, and a few Mega Man games. Even Sega’s platforms have had their own Mega Man games, such as Mega Man for the Game Gear, and The Wily Wars for the Sega Genesis. While the Game Gear title was merely a semi-remake of Mega Man IV for the NES, The Wily War was a compilation of the three best Mega Man games on the NES, and possibly in the en...

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Brawl really leaves nothing unfinished, almost no feature omitted 0

I've been playing video games for almost as long as I can remember. As of this review, I've beaten 572 and played many more. Perhaps one of my favorite games so far is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. OK, it's only in the top 3, but that's still quite a statement. But why do I love this game so much? Brawl attempts something different when it comes to fighters. Rather than depleting your sole opponent's life bar with arcane button and joystick sequences which fire fireballs from your hands , you bash yo...

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A great fighting game with lots of personality. 0

The company SNK is most well-known for their wealth of fighting games. Going hand-in-hand with this is their first video game console, the Neo-Geo (both a game system and an arcade cabinet format), which was saturated with fighters and shooters. Some notable examples include Fatal Fury, known for its dual-plane fighting system, King of Fighters, a product of the former, and Samurai Shodown, which set itself apart by combining the zooming camera system of the earlier Art of Fighting and its own w...

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Broken jumping mechanics ruin what might otherwise be a good game 0

Perhaps one of the best games for the Gamecube was Super Smash Bros. Melee. It reached to the far ends of the Nintendo universe to bring together some of the best fighters possible. Understandably, some of these characters are rather obscure and unknown to many people who own the game. Popo and Nana (referred to as the Ice Climbers) are two such characters. However, the source material of this deadly duo is far from the cult classic that Super Smash Bros. Melee would have you believe. Like most...

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A pretentious game that's "too good" to be controlled by you. 2

Back in 1987, a small company named Square released Final Fantasy, an RPG that they had put all their sweat and blood into as the note they'd go out on. Who knew the series would become such a success? The series would go on to spawn many games, spinoffs, and even its own rock band. Almost every entry in the series (spinoffs included) is highly anticipated by the fans and becomes an instant classic, beloved by critics and gamers alike. However, the latest entry in the series, Final Fantasy XII, ...

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A game of epic proportions, and a turning point in the series. 2

If you're a fan of strategy RPGs, this is one of the games your collection can't do without. The grand scale of things in this game is just breathtaking, whether it be the colossal maps (sometimes spanning an entire country) or the endless number of enemies you face. Where to start, where to start. For the sake of the review, I'll start with gameplay. As I said before, the game is just epic. The maps you explore will always take up about 20 screens, with the exception of the prologue. In the s...

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