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E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

vidiot: E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

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  • One of my favorite classes I took last year was a class about "The History of Animation". Oswald The Lucky Rabbit as the villain? Yes.

    Let's hope the sheer attention to detail to the subject matter is equivalent to the game's design. It appears like it does, the game has a full-blown morality system and RPG quest design. I'm really excited to see more of this.

  • Finally, I have a game where I can slice watermelons and fight commandos.

    I don't understand why we still have the "Solid" in the title, but hey, whatever. It's good that Kojima can step away from his series.


    I like how one of the biggest pieces of news was quickly said by Gabe during the Sony press conference. Steam on PS3? Did he just say that? Wait, what?!

  • Overshadowed by the end of the year, Infamous was a triple-A title that felt like it came out of nowhere. Loved the New York/Seattle inspired city. It ran right over it's direct competitor Prototype critically for a reason. Cole might have a younger look (and a new voice?) but I can forgive such changes....because now I have ice-powers apparently?!

  • After the abysmal Xbox press-conference the day before Sony did a great job marketing this device. Showing it's applications as something that can compete with the Wii casual audience, AND be for core gamers. Yes, it's a Wii knock-off, but what works, WORKS.

    Having a device where you have to stand and can't move in a 3D environment DOESN'T WORK.

  • Yup. It's Zelda.

  • I'm excited for this new handheld. Shit. Pitt's coming back on it! ABOUT @!^#&*(!@^ TIME! While I hunt down the new orchestral remake of the Kid Icarus theme, this strange "3D without glasses" device has me interested.

  • Probably the coolest use of the Move. I know it was gimmicky but I loved it when the ball changed colors in correspondence to what you were doing. The best part of Sorcery was thinking of the applicable applications of the hardware that went along with it. It also looks like the Harry Potter game everyone would want.

  • The newest Silent Hill looks understandably eerie. I was a big fan of Homecoming a few years back, and I'm all for other people playing around with other peoples ideas if the end result is great. (Which was Homecoming) Lets hope this new developer has what it takes, but if the early video is any indication everything looks good.

  • Assassins Creed 2 expansion multiplayer.

    I don't have to explain myself.

  • Nostalgia for the most part. I used to play Twisted Metal 2 almost exclusively for a long period of time during the Playstation era. I consider Twisted Metal: Black to be one of the best PS2 games ever made. The demonstration looked really early, but I'm game for a final product.

  • It had hands down the best demonstrations of the bunch. Just watch a few videos of it and you'll understand why anyone could get excited.

  • I S-Ranked Fallout 3 for 360.

    Yeah, on 360.

    Sadly New Vegas still looks stuck as a glorified expansion pack, which is fine.

  • I smile every time I see this game. There's this E3 trailer where a commander proclaims that they have to stop "THAT" from happening. It looks ridiculous, complete with characters donning armor akin to power rangers. Yet at the same time, the speed of play looks great. It looks like a combination of Devil May Cry and Gears of War, which given the creator of this title, makes sense.

  • Yeah, make whatever the fuck you want :P

    To be honest I'm surprised that a sequel is so far along in development. For a few years it felt like Media Molecule was content on just releasing DLC, but it looks like the added changes is too much something you can download. One must wonder if the tools of making such complex gametypes is still simple.

  • Another MMO that's not Final Fantasy XIV, but that's what you get when barely no media aside from a few minute montage is released online. TOR is shaping up nicely, as it looks like a real combination of single-player and multi-player. Handing out each player his or her own ship is an added plus.

  • Zero interest going in, ended with me surprisingly impressed. Lot's of stuff going on technically. A main character that speaks, the whole presentation looked fantastic. Treyarch get's a lot of scrutiny, for good reason regarding THEIR Call of Duty games and this one is going to have an added level of polarization for sure. Everything on display looked solid and fun.

  • You hire a sci-fi writer that talks shit about the terrible story in Modern Warfare 2. Your game set's the same plan/play organic design that Crytek has been trying to finite since Far Cry. It also looks fantastic. Killzone 3 would have this slot, if it wasn't for the fact that Rico didn't die anywhere in the presentation.

  • I'm more Marvel than DC. That being said, watching this game slowly develop has been increasingly fun to watch. One thing that I hate from MMO's are combat, and the more action centric-experience on display here is fascinating. The concept of more single-player controlled instances also has my interest quite high.