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Even with cuts, Kazuma will still crush your face. 16

Where the hell do I begin?   To talk about Yakuza 3, one has to immediately begin divulging on the sad history of this series: Specifically how it's been handled outside of it's native Japan. Even if you have a little to no interest in the game, you probably have read the stories of a little company called Sega, and it's confusing relationship with little game franchise it owns called Yakuza.             Yakuza, or Ryū ga Gotoku (“Like a Dragon”) as it's known in Japan has almost become an ev...

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Hating Secret of Monkey Island is like hating having a good time. 1

It’s possible to not like The Secret Monkey Island. It’s also possible to not like good things in general. I’ve always wondered what makes old games age well. What tangible component that a game could have, mechanically or from a presentation standpoint that allows a gamer to pick up a game, ten, or in this case twenty years later and still enjoy it. My conclusion is that it’s a combination of things, entirely dependent of the game and in many cases the time period that the game was made. The ...

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A haunting, memorable, interpretative piece of art. 1

I don’t know where to begin. I guess I’ll start at the beginning. Or at least the beginning of my experience with Braid. I didn’t know anything about this title when I downloaded the demo off of live arcade. I never followed a single preview. I was completely in the dark all things Braid, but five minutes in to the demo I realized that this was something amazing. At first I thought I understood Braid. A simple platformer with a fantastically implemented time mechanic. In Braid you play as Tim,...

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A very deliberate odyssey 0

Running four disks, perhaps one of the most insanely over the top intro’s in gaming, and a sometime obtuse and initially slow plot that centers around an amnesiac immortal warrior: Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy, delivers a product that is far from subtle in what it’s trying to do. Clearly a Final Fantasy game in disguise, Lost Odyssey is clearly trying to encapsulate the JRPG genre from the first Playstation era. Lost Odyssey’s core story themes and traditional turn based batt...

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