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My Starting Point: Formative Gaming

This list represents my console gaming fondness in the late 70's and early 80's. This list will not feature any arcade offerings and is pre-NES area. As my memory comes back to me, this list will expand.

Also, this list is in order. So yeah, my favorite game of this era is "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" for the Intellivision.

List items

  • My family had an Atari 2600, but my friend down the block had an Intellivision. I remember this game and Night Stalker made me want an Intellivsion.

    The exploration aspects of this game were incredible for such a early game. Very fond memories here.

  • This was my swan song on the Intellivision. I remember wanting to play this because of my love for "Discs of Tron" in the arcades. The game was challenging and addictive.

    I didn't own a copy until the mid 1980's and not long after playing it my brother and myself pooled together our paper route money and allowance to buy a NES.

  • In my childhood household Activision ruled the 2600. Stampede, Ice Hockey and Chopper Command are just to name a few. An older gamer could very easily make a top 10 just about 2600 Activision games.

    Kaboom! was the first one my father purchased and my mother played it more than anyone else in the family. Good times.

  • Next to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Night Stalker made me really want an Intellivision. The increasing difficulty of each new robot was pure tension for a 6 year old. Also, the classic Intellivision run animation that appeared in almost every game seemed to work best here.

  • Another Intellivision Dungeons & Dragons game. This title was super ambitious and probably impossible to go back to due to it's first person perspective on such primitive hardware. "Treasure of Tarmin" is a RPG dungeon crawler were the player kept traveling deeper into an unknown green shaded cavern. If I'm remembering it all correctly, there were health and mana stats along with an inventory of weapons and items that could be gathered throughout the dungeon.

    The treasure itself was guarded by a minotaur that the player had to seek out and slay. After a summer of playing the game I found him. He killed me. I stopped playing.

  • This game was like the film "Fantastic Voyage" and was published by Imagic for the Intellivision. Imagic had some classic offerings for the Intellivision such as Atlantis, Demon Attack and Dragonfire. The gist of the game involves the player piloting a ship that travels through a patients blood stream, all the veins are laid out like a road map. Upon exiting the blood vessels the craft moves slower. Sometimes viruses attack and the craft has to shoot aspirin at them, sometimes you shoot lasers at tumors and things that look like worms on the intestines. This game helped me learn the basics about internal organs.

  • Another Activision gem that I loved. Most people would probably select "River Raid" or "Chopper Command." Screw those, this game had barns to storm!!!

  • Again, I'm sure in the grand scheme of things most people would rate "Pitfall" higher than this. I liked this game more because it actually gave you a goal (catch the robber). Therefore, the player could feel like they were achieving something.

  • In 1980 the only thing cooler than Han Solo was Indiana Jones. Like the E.T. game this was a movie cash in, the only difference between those two games for me is that I'm pretty sure I finished this one. If I'm recalling this correctly, the game begins with the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" theme playing while Indy lowers away from the Ark on some goofy conveyor belt thing. Indy then proceed to explore a black market, various treasure rooms and the map room from the movie. The game ends as it begins with Indy being extended up to the Ark on that same weird conveyor belt device.

  • Like "Microsurgeon" this was published by Imagic for the Intellivision. I realize now that "Beauty and the Beast" was essentially "Donkey Kong" but easier. The player is this fellow climbing up a building level by level via windows that open and close. Because of this premise, I thought this game was the Intellivision version of "Crazy Climber" in the arcades.

  • I was always into the adventure and fantasy games, while my brother was more into the sporting fair. This was a cross over that we both were able to get into. I kind of consider this game a mixture of R.C. Pro-am and Excite Bike. I remember it having some sort of track editor, but maybe I'm thinking of Excite Bike.

  • Find Lois Lane for kisses and build a bridge. Man that was so long ago.

  • There were a few games that used the Intellivision Speech modulator thingy. One was a game based upon the Tron film titled "Solar Sailor." Another was a bomb diffusing simulator that I think was called "Bomb Squad." Then there was this. B-17 Bomber had you manning the different gun locations on the plane while bombing ground locations. The speech was gimmicky but still fun.

  • Sometimes my memories comeback and hit me hard, like when I remembered this game. Another Intellivision Imagic treasure, Truckin' was awesome. I never owned this game, it belonged to a friend down the street (the same friend that ultimately made my brother and myself decide to buy an Intellivision). Good golly this game was too cool. The player drove a truck across country to deliver a load of cargo. The truck just traveled straight down the open road, occasionally the player had to take an off ramp or nap at a rest-stop. I think you could use a C.B. radio to locate "smokies" but I could be wrong. I'm beginning to think Imagic was to the Intellivision, what Activision was to the 2600. This game should probably be higher on the list.

  • People look at this game and see utter nonsense and they are right. When you are six that nonsense doesn't matter so much. Giant ducks can also be dragons with enough imagination. This game could have easily have been titled "Duck Slayer's Amazing Adventure ." That box art could have been epic.

  • Now that's some wicked box art. My young brain didn't understand this game. Because of the box art, I thought the game must be some weird sideways version of "Galaxian" since it resembles the arcade cabinet art. I never really grasped how to play Yars', only now after watching a youtube video do I finally get it.